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Your Pontiac Firebird remains a high-quality car or truck but with mileage even the best-engineered cars must have routine maintenance or repair of broken parts. Pontiac manufacturers highly regarded cars such as the Firebird, and they are regularly found on the road. The daily drivability and excellence of your Pontiac Firebird are excellent reasons for usually buying replacement and aftermarket systems with a similar quality; those parts don't need to cost a fortune. Use any time you require high quality car parts to be rewarded with our great service and a good price every day.

When you want to order Pontiac Firebird parts, it's good sense to look for the best available parts and accessories on the market - and if you stick with PartsGeek you get the best prices on or off the Internet all handled with world class order fulfillment. When your car needs to visit the shop, the best solution is buying a new first-rate OEM or replacement auto part to preserve your vehicle in optimum condition. Durable parts and accessories are needed to keep your Pontiac in great condition however harsh the environment. It seems like the most annoying aspect about fixing your Pontiac Firebird is hunting down a quality source for reliable parts.

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Pontiac Firebird

The Pontiac Firebird is similar to the Chevy Camaro. They were both introduced to the public in 1967.There are more differences than similarities. The nose and tail are different, but the sheet metal is identical. There are slight differences with the interior. However, the convertible and coupe body styles have tempted auto shoppers to buy. In the early years of its introduction, those individuals with a desire for more performance gravitated toward the Pontiac Firebird. This is due to the alluring array of powerful features such as the V8 engine. Some of the attractive characteristics included:

o Overhead cam

o Less weight

o Nimbler handling

o Powerful revving in the engine

The Pontiac Firebird was revamped in the early months of the 1970s. It emerged as a sleek vehicle with a coupe body structure. However, once the 1970s passed, the performance was compensated for the body graphics, excellent for an extrovert. The third generation came on the scene in 1982. At that time, the upgrades were noticeable. It had:

o A hatchback body that was wedge shaped

o Headlights that can be flipped up

o Light weight

The performance of the third generation model was at first weak, but the handling was strong and within the middle of that decade, the V8 engine was upgraded to be more powerful. The Pontiac Firebird has maintained its heritage and features, even for the fourth generation, which was introduced in 1993. While, it still had a powerful V8 engine, there were new features such as:

o Choice of either a convertible or coupe body style

o Rear drive chassis

o Swoopy styling

o 300 horsepower engine

When bargaining for outstanding performance, the Pontiac Firebird has earned its place, but in past eras. In the current era, age is not on its side. Many consumers consider the past generations as being crude and unrefined. This is especially true when you compare with the sport convertible and sport coupe from other models. During the first to fourth generation, sales were not up to par and so Pontiac receded after the year 2002 to regroup and come back to the drawing board. After the year 2002, the recent Pontiac Firebird was introduced as the last generation. The style and performance was upgraded, above all else. In the beginning, the company only offered consumers a coupe body style for the base. But, that since has included other body styles. For transmission choices, consumers had an option to choose an automatic transmission with four speeds and V8 engine or a manual transmission with six speeds and V6 engine. It came with a boost in engine horsepower output. The vehicle is stylish, fast and affordable due to its refinement, especially in the interior. There is a new clunky design on the steering wheel. Although, the seats tend to be plain and doesn't offer enough lateral and lumbar support, it is great for around town driving and not necessarily long road trips. For Pontiac Firebird interior parts or Firebird restoration parts, visit for their 1968 Pontiac Firebird parts catalog.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Charles A Smith

The part worked great. Had a small issue with the spindle threads being burred over, but a moment with a file and tap solved that. Would have been helpful to have installation instructions, but it went in just like it was supposed to.

1991 Pontiac Firebird Headlight Motor

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Rick

Great service correct part!!!!!!!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: sideways auto

looks good works good nice price

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: JBROW

I purchased one of these for the passenger side, then the drivers side also needed replacing. Shipping was very fast and the parts fit perfectly! Great Price, Fast Shipping! What can be better!! Thanks!!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Big Boy

Fit and worked perfectly. Would recommend.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Kim

The whole experience was great! First time to order from here and found it wonderful! The website is nice and easy to maneuver. The parts were plentiful and reasonably priced - even cheaper. And it didn't take long at all for me to receive it. I'll be recommending this site to any and everyone.

1998 Pontiac Firebird Window Motor