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Dodge D250

The Dodge D250 is a classic that many collectors still seek to repair and restore, and many of them turn to us at for authentic OEM and aftermarket parts. Restore your D250 to former glory today with all the parts you need right at your fingertips.

What parts should you be on the lookout for?

Most people who are restoring a D250 want the whole package: Inside and out. A lot of collectors are excited about original trim, taillights, headlights, door handles, and more. Depending on how you want your finished makeover to look, consider buying either OEM or aftermarket parts. While original factory parts are harder to find and generally more expensive, the difference shows. If you're going for an original look, you'll find no better prices than at Our internet catalog allows us to stock an incredible number of parts, and our wholesale prices offer major discounts compared to any brick-and-mortar store out there. 

Even still, if your D250 needs a more individual spark, there are lots of parts to browse, so go ahead and select what suits your vision the most.

Tips for restoring old vehicles

Restoring an aged car or truck can feel like a monumental task. The most important tip that nearly any restorer worth their salt will tell you is to be sure your frame is solid. Rust is the enemy of all mechanical things, and, with time, it can destroy them. The frame is the most integral part of your D250 as everything depends on it for strength and solidity. Simply because so much time has passed, you're likely to encounter rust no matter what. However, mild rust can be buffed and painted over; more severe cases of rust may require cutting out pieces and welding new sheet metal panels in place.

Other tips to keep in mind include:

  • Set a budget
  • Plan your project
  • Get a professional on-board
  • Make sure you have the tools (or someone you know does)
  • Do your research

Tips for the interior

As with home decorating, the interior of a car always seems to cause the most problems. Whether it's a rubber seam that won't glue or a door handle that doesn't sit quite right, interiors can be frustrating. The most important tip is ensuring that your parts are quality. It's all taken care of, so you focus on making your vision a reality. Other tips from the experts include:

  • Have patience when working
  • Give yourself space to spread out
  • Read the directions or installation instructions
  • Seek out a community online of other restorers
  • Search videos for detailed installation advice

Why choose

Besides our expansive inventory of aftermarket and OEM parts, our wholesale prices, and our user-friendly UI, we here at are committed to making your dream a reality. No longer will that old, rusted D250 sit in your garage or yard untended. Shop with us, and we guarantee quick delivery and 30-day returns. Any questions? We love to help! Contact us through our website and let us do the work for you.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: perfect fit !

As I said perfect fit as all I have ordered from Parts Geek . I am Very Satisfied with quality and fit .

I first started ordering through eaby and I got free shipping but now I have to pay for shipping dealing directly ! This is the only reason I have found myself using other sites from time to time !

1991 Dodge D250 Vehicle Speed Sensor Connector

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Cheapdog

Could not find this part localy.when part was received it fit.

1993 Dodge D250 Seat Adjustment Strut

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Barry

Great service and products. Unfortunately one of the control arm bushings was packaged wrong...had one good one and another that wouldn't fit.

1991 Dodge D250 Alignment Camber Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Oil bronze bushing

It is a bushing ,got here fast,what more could you want, a playfull pat on the butt? Any issue's with install are up to your own abilities.

1993 Dodge D250 Pilot Bearing

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: right tail light

have not used yet, but best service I think I have have ever recieved

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: it worked

This was replacement for a broken light. The light s work but the fit isn't so good. couldn't put screws all the way in. The left was a perfect fit.

1993 Dodge D250 Tail Light Assembly