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Dodge D100 Pickup

A half-ton truck, two-wheeled drive truck, the Dodge D100 has a long history of dependable hauling for personal and commercial applications. The D Series was manufactured from 1960 to 1993, so your full-size pickup may be an old, faithful commuter or a classic truck worthy of a showroom. Prepare to maintain your current truck or restore your older model with the help of

Restoration Steps for Classic Dodge Trucks

Restoring an older truck is a thrilling project. From minor bodywork to a full disassembly and assembly, restoring a truck involves a step-by-step process. Watch your Dodge truck take shape and prepare for that day when you can fire it up and show it off at a local car show. Here are the most common areas that need to be repaired during a restoration project:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Axles
  • Suspension system
  • Brakes
  • Fuel system
  • Electrical

You'll need to think creatively to troubleshoot these areas, as an older D100 won't have the error codes or warning lights you're used to in a modern vehicle. Visual inspections help you gain information about your truck. Look for oil leaks around your engine, rusted suspension components or frayed wiring as signs that it's time to order new parts.

Feeling stuck on your restoration project? At, we offer helpful information about vehicle specifications and troubleshooting guides. Our detailed parts categories and specific items can help you sort through related parts to find the one that may be causing your performance issue. A clunking sound, grinding part or inability to start your truck can leave you frustrated, but reliable parts are the first step to a reliable solution for your D100 pickup truck.

Routine Maintenance for Newer D100 Trucks

The latest generation of D100 trucks may be a few decades old, but these trucks can still offer reliable hauling power as a daily commuter. These newer vehicles typically don't have the same level of wear, but are more often ready to hit the road after replacing these maintenance items:

  • Brake pads
  • Oil and other fluids
  • Battery
  • Light bulbs
  • Trim pieces

These categories of parts are more affordable and easier to replace. Even if you're not an experienced mechanic, a little research, a few hand tools and the right parts can help you take on these DIY projects. If you've changed the oil, brakes or other parts on your truck before, you can enjoy reliable components and convenient shopping at

Compare Prices and Parts at

Turn to an online leader in hard-to-find auto parts. At, we source components from vendors around the nation. All these parts give you a greater chance of finding classic D100 parts to fit your pickup. Enter the year of the truck you're working on to see how our prices compare.

Customer reviews, fitment notes and product specifications are a few ways we help you find parts and get to work. See how our shipping rates and prices today to see why we're an affordable, reliable source of Dodge D100 pickup parts. Send parts to your front door and gather your tools to start up your Dodge pickup.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Starter relay

Need starter relay for a 73 dodge d100 because my starter stopped working

1973 Dodge D100 Pickup Relay

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Ray Kenney

This is the third set I have used on the fourth charger and they are perfect

1974 Dodge D100 Pickup Windshield Wiper Linkage Bushing

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Young

I was very satisfied with my order. It was received in just a few days and was exactly what I wanted. Your prices are very competitive and I will order again.

1957 Dodge D100 Pickup Brake Master Repair Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Power Brake Booster

It was the correct product. It looks good and fits well.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: bret j

excellent product fast shipping worked perfect for my 1959 dodge d100

1959 Dodge D100 Pickup Leaf Spring Bushing

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Dodge Flywheel

I'm pleased with the product and the speed in which I received it.