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The CRV hasn't caught on with everyone just yet, but for the people who love and appreciate these vehicles it's difficult to get them to show much interest in any other type of auto. If you're one of the people who loves his or her CRV, be sure to treat it right with proper scheduled maintenance, repairs as needed, and any upgrades that you decide to put on it but make sure you use the right parts. High-quality replacement parts are the best choice by far. They might cost a little more but they'll be worth it in the long run. They last a long time, they look great, and they'll keep your CRV running the way it did the day you first drove it off of the dealer's lot. What could be better than that?

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Honda CRV

Since 1996, the Honda CRV has been a mainstay of the sport utility vehicle (SUV) market around the world. For a model that is over twenty years old, it may be surprising to learn that the meaning behind the CRV label is not very well documented. It ranges from "chromium-vanadium wheels" to the Japanese version as "comfortable, runabout vehicle." Regardless of the real history behind the term, the version popular in the UK and US seems to describe the CRV well, a "compact recreational vehicle".

While it was designed for the family, the CRV was somewhat unique at the time it was introduced because its four-wheel drive option affords the lucky owner many more opportunities for adventure, whether in the wilds of the city or a peaceful and refreshing off-road adventure. However, like many four-wheel drive cars, it's a good idea to get a good source of the original equipment manufacture or OEM Honda CRV parts. Honda CRV forums on the internet are also a great source of information.

From 1996 through 2001, the CRV only came in a standard model package. In 2001, Honda began to differentiate with three models, the standard, the LX and the EX. It's hard to remember when anti-lock brakes weren't considered standard, but they were included starting with the 2001 major model update, as long as you were buying the most expensive version, the EX.

By 2005, the CRV included many upgrades in safety features, increased horsepower, drive-by-wire throttle control and many comfort and design upgrades. Of course, with increased options comes an increased need to keep the Honda CRV parts list handy. As an example of change from one year to the next, the CRV switched from one tail light bulb to two bulbs. A good copy of the Honda CRV parts diagram is probably essential. The 2005 updates included XM radio and improved stereo systems. Fast forward just a few years and in 2013, the additional of USB and iPod inputs are a great indication of the speed of change in cars generally.

The CRV also reached another milestone in 2007 as it surpassed the Ford Escort to become the number one selling SUV in the US. Considering Honda's legendary longevity, coupled with its high safety ratings from multiple ratings sources, if you buy a Honda CRV, you may find yourself one day searching online for original used Honda CRV parts and accessories.

When Honda introduced the CRV, the company did not want to advertise it because they thought it wouldn't have a market. That's one mistake Honda was glad to correct. Honda now produces over four hundred CRVs per day for the Canadian and US markets alone. Whether it's an original 1996 model or the latest 2017 that includes Bluetooth connectivity, rear view cameras, internet connectivity and multiple DVD players, Honda has created a legend. No doubt, every loyal CRV owner still gets a thrill from seeing an ad that says "For sale. 98 Honda CRV."

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Reviewer: vivian

Parts Geek customer service is extremely professional and attentive. They made sure the parts were verified.

2010 Honda CRV A/T Fluid

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This part came quickly. I was able to replace in about an hour, first time doing this fix. Remember to replace in same position as old part.

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Reviewer: Andrey

The kit came really fast, as I've come to expect from Parts Geek. And the parts themselves were all there, as described.

2000 Honda CRV Exhaust Mounting Kit

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Reviewer: jegrever

Customer was satisfied w/ outcome.

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Thou it took over 7 business days to receive part, customer was still happy with outcome.

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Customer was satisfied.

2005 Honda CRV Control Arm