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The Corvette is one of the great muscle cars. Sleek and sexy, it's something that car aficionados dream about, whether they're young or old. With super-fast zero to sixty times and a great look, just about every knows the Chevrolet Corvette when they see one. If you own one or are planning to own one, be sure you understand the maintenance and upkeep issues that you'll be facing. Once your warranty has run out, or if you want to make some modifications or upgrades – a spoiler or bigger exhaust, perhaps – the parts that you'll need for your Corvette can be costly. Getting the right parts and making sure that you purchase quality, though, is well worth the price. It keeps your car looking new, running great, and turning heads wherever you go.

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Chevrolet Corvette

Popularly known as the Vette, the Chevrolet Corvette is a sports car that dates all the way back to 1953. It has seen as many as seven generations since. The second, third and seventh generation models are also called Sting Rays.

The first generation model, C1, was originally conceived to be just a show car. However it generated enough interest and as a result, General Motors were induced to launch a production version. The 1955 model came with the option of a V8 engine enabling 0-60 mph acceleration in 8.5 seconds. After doing away with tail-lamp fins in 1956, General Motors offered an optional fuel injection system in 1957 along with a 4.64 L Small-Block engine generating 211 kW. It was expanded to 5.36 L in 1961 producing 190 kW. One could also avail a 270 kW version paying 12% more. 1963 saw the launch of the second generation model C2, introducing the Corvette coupé for the first time. Two years down the line, the big-block V8 engine option was offered along with four-wheel disc brakes. Additionally, side exhaust pipes were an option until 1967, the final year of C2 generation. The base engine was upgraded to a 5.7 L one in the third generation C3. Engine power and chassis components continued to be the same from C2. The all-aluminum ZL1 engine was introduced in 1969 producing 420 kW. The power levels, however, were reduced in 1971 as a result of lowering of engine compression ratios, which in turn was done to make way for low-lead fuel.

The first complete re-design of the Chevrolet Corvette since 1963 happened with the release of its fourth generation model C4 in 1984. It boasted of aluminum brake calipers and an electronic dashboard although the engine was a continuation of the 5.7 L one from the 1982 C3. The L98 engine producing 170 kW became a standard in early 1985. The ZF six-speed manual transmission was introduced in 1989. C4 production ended with the release of the Grand Sport variant, mostly coupés, in 1996. It had an LT4 V8 engine generating 246 kW. C5 hit the roads in 1997 and was produced until 2004. It came equipped with GM's new small-block LS1 V8engine. It could produce 260 kW in its 2001 edition. The C6 was launched in 2005 with a longer wheelbase. It was, however, alleged to be not so good in terms of fuel economy compared to its predecessors. The final and present model, the C7, was launched in 2014 with a 6.2 L V8 engine producing 339 kW.

Customers of the 2016 Corvette Stingray speak highly of Chevrolet Corvette performance, particularly its acceleration. To continue the good experience of owning a Chevy, one needs genuine Chevrolet Auto parts. Whether you are looking for Chevrolet Corvette accessories or Chevrolet Corvette wheels, just log on to to guide you with more details.

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