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You should feel so lucky for owning a Toyota Corolla. Why? Because you're not only commanding a quintessential economy car, you're also driving a vehicle that bears the best-selling nameplate in the automotive history. Since this vehicle is so popular, Toyota Corolla owners like you won't have difficulties in finding the perfect replacement parts for your precious ride. Don't be tempted to purchase just any aftermarket replacement part for a malfunctioning stock because not all aftermarket components out there are compatible with your Corolla. Your Toyota Corolla is such great car and it deserves only genuine Toyota Corolla auto parts. Only high-quality Corolla parts can provide your vehicle with long-lasting service because they promise a perfect fit to your ride. Also, if you plan on upgrading your ride's performance or aesthetics, only quality Toyota Corolla parts can give the best result.

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Toyota Corolla

There is no other manufacturer that is known for the art of building reliable and strong cars like Toyota. In fact, the vehicle that built its reputation was the Toyota Corolla. Almost everyone owned one of these vehicles at some point in their lives. It could have been the hand-me-down that your parents gave you while you were in high school, but you may be able to attest that it was reliable all the way through, even if you did not change the oil on a regular basis or clean its interior. Some people may also have owned a new Toyota Corolla as soon as they could afford to buy a car and able to make the monthly payments or it could be that your grandparents bought you one so you could drive them around to simplify their lives.

No matter how or when you owned one, it was a practical vehicle and one that you could rely on. In 2003, Toyota came out with the new sedan, specifically designed for the young buyer. This one looked like the shrunken version of the Toyota Camry. Many would argue that it did not accomplish its goal and because of that, Toyota went back to the drawing board, creating the Scion version. Like all the Corollas that came before it, the Scion was built for trouble-free and simple driving. It was more powerful, comfortable and spacious with higher quality than the previous version.

The ninth generation of Toyota Corollas was between 2003 and 2008. These versions were longer than the generation before, riding on a wheelbase of 102.4 inches, but with an overall average length of 178.3 inches. The engine was initially 130 hp, but later, it received a downgrade of 126 hp. Talk about precise, the manual transmission with its five speed feature gave a smooth ride, but the automatic four speed was cooperative. The powertrain of both the manual and automatic provided a suspect combination of superior performance and classic fuel economy.

During the lifespan of the Toyota Corolla, there were minimal changes. At the debut of the 2005 version, Toyota showed off its sporty suspensions and superior four cylinder engine. The exterior was refreshed and stability control and side curtain airbags were added options. 2009 saw the tenth generation come on the scene, introduced by Toyota to boast its revolutionary changes. Even today, drivers are enjoying those same changes as they still served the public. This version was quite similar to the previous generation in appearance, but was wider with a little more shoulder room inside. With its four-cylinder, 1.8 liter engine, this vehicle boasts horsepower. You can choose the four speed automatic option or stick with the standard five speed manual option. If you still own your tenth generation Toyota Corolla and you are looking for Toyota Corolla body parts or Toyota Corolla OEM parts, look to and its Toyota Corolla parts list for a wide selection of options.

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