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The Civic del Sol remains a solidly built car but of course even the best-designed cars and trucks will break down without mechanical service and replacement of broken parts. Utilize any time you need the best OEM or aftermarket automotive parts to be rewarded with our topnotch service and an honest price day in, day out. Honda sells award-winning cars and trucks, particularly the Civic del Sol, and they are commonly found on America's roadways.

The dependability and high value of a Honda Civic del Sol require always acquiring performance and aftermarket parts of at least that value; those parts don't have to cost a fortune. Excellent OEM parts are necessary to keep your Honda in top condition however rough the conditions. Sometimes the trickiest thing about doing work on a car is searching for an honest source for reliable parts. In the event that your car needs repair, the correct answer is buying a new high-quality replacement component to preserve your vehicle in like-new condition. On those occasions when you're going to need Honda Civic del Sol parts, it's a great plan to look for the best available performance and OEM parts you can find - and if you stick with you also get reasonable prices on or off the Internet all handled with unbeatable customer service.

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Honda Civic del Sol

The Honda Civic del Sol sold in the United States under that name for only two years, but it was followed by the Honda CRX del Sol, which was a very similar successor. Genuine Civic del Sol cars date from model years 1993 through 1994. These two years were the best-selling years in the United States. Though the Honda Civic del Sol is no longer in production, with the CRX del Sol ending its run in 1997, this car still has its fans that recall the fun ride and sporty styling of this distinctive roaster body.

Two trim levels were sold for the del Sol. The base level was known as S and had 13-inch wheels and a four-cylinder, 1.5-liter engine. The higher trim level, the Si, featured 14-inch wheels and a 1.6-liter engine. Another option was one with an engine designed with VTEC, which was Honda's proprietary engine design to make a four-stroke engine more efficient, thus increasing horsepower. Both trim levels feature the unusual targa top, which combined elements of a convertible top with a solid rear window. Among all the Honda del Sol body parts, it was the targa top that stood out the most as a distinguishing feature of this car.

Though there were few changes in 1993 and 1994 for the Honda Civic del Sol, when Honda dropped the "Civic" name from this model, other changes were also introduced. In 1995 and 1996, the Honda del Sol interior parts such as the seals around the targa roof were updated to keep out moisture. The engines at all trim levels were upgraded for more horsepower, and exterior changes to the bumpers and lights on the front of the car were made to keep the car looking up to date. Sadly, the 1997 model year was the last for the del Sol, and there were no changes to the car for its final production year.

Despite the high sales, especially in the first two years, there were some issues with the Honda del Sol which required recalls. Honda del Sol aftermarket parts and OEM parts have been the subjects of these recalls over the years. A few model years of Honda Civic del Sol had airbags that were installed improperly. This is a serious issue that requires a professional repair, but other recalled parts on the car are less involved to fix. Many of the recalls affected aftermarket replacement lamps for various lights on the car. These are easily fixed by getting approved lamps that will provide the needed brightness and visibility to maintain safety, but you will have to find those replacement parts.

Though Honda Civic del Sol cars are gone, it is simple to find the parts you need. Find everything in the Honda del Sol parts catalog by searching online at a place like Such outlets make it easy to get what you need without spending a fortune. The sporty Civic del Sol was a fun car to drive, and repairing it should not detract from your enjoyment of the vehicle. Get the Honda Civic del Sol parts you need today from

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