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When you buy a Honda Civic you usually do it for two reasons style and reliability. The Civic definitely has both in abundance, and it's one of Honda's most popular, best-selling cars. That's great news if you ever need any repairs done on it, too, because you can always find someone who will work on it for you, and you shouldn't have trouble getting high-quality replacement parts. It's never a good idea to put just any old replacement parts on a great car like the Honda Civic. You could compromise not only the look of the car but the excellent gas mileage and safety features, as well. It's easy to avoid that by using only the best parts, direct from Honda, instead of something aftermarket that might not be safe or cheaper in the long run.

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Honda Civic

The Honda Civic, which debuted in 1973 in both hatchback and wagon models, is one of the most popular compact cars in America. Among its many awards, the Honda Civic was named Car of the Year Japan from 1972-74. It was also awarded the U.S. Road Test magazine's "1974 Car of the Year." The Civic took the honors for Motor Trend Import Car of the Year in 1980 as well as its Car of the Year for 2006. Despite being a modest car, the Civic is popular among enthusiasts who are drawn to it for its possibilities in modification and customization. The interchangeability of ready parts allows easy engine swaps and many other upgrades.

Most body kits consist of several different parts put together and sold as a single package. When choosing the right body kit parts, the major factors to consider are your budget and personal tastes. You have the option of mixing and matching anything to create your own kit, or of simply buying a pre-made kit. The advantage of buying a pre-made kit is that you know all the parts will be unified and have a cohesive look. It is highly recommended to have the kit professionally installed, and be sure the installer checks for fitment before starting the install. For the flexible materials, ask for a flex agent to be put in the paint. That will go a long way to help prevent cracking. A body part's price is also determined by what material it is made of. The material will determine how flexible, durable, and heavy the part is.

Here is a breakdown of the common materials currently used: Carbon Fiber is made from weaved carbon and covered with a clear resin. It is light weight and boasts great fitment, but prices run high. Polyurethane is a thick, heavier resin-based polymer. It is very flexible, with great fitment and durability, but also expensive. Fiberglass is the least expensive material. Fiberglass is lightweight and very rigid, which give it a high breakability factor, and can be difficult to install. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic is a polymer that is reinforced with fiberglass to allow better durability and more styles. It is the best material in terms of quality for the price you pay. Most Honda Civic aftermarket body kits are made from this material. Style and reliability are two factors to consider when you buy a Honda Civic. The Civic is one of Honda's most popular cars, which is important when you need repairs or replacement parts. It's not a good idea to put random replacement parts on a car like the Civic. You could compromise not only the look of the vehicle, but your safety features and performance factors as well. It's easy to avoid that by buying Honda Civic OEM parts direct from the Honda Civics parts catalog at

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Reviewer: Henry


1987 Honda Civic Axle Nut

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: mike

great its nice that i can count on someone for hard to find parts

1978 Honda Civic Steering Rack Boot Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: great price

it was a great price while other auto parts stores were close to $100. it took maybe 2 minutes to take the old one off and put the new one on. keep up the good work partsgeek.

1995 Honda Civic Vehicle Speed Sensor

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: GM- northwest GA

We checked the big name parts stores for an ignition switch for an 03 Civic, the prices ranged from $579-$689. We heard about parts geek and decided to give 'em a go. $260 and we were ready to hit the road again. Need a part? Check out

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Carson

Good product, good price

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Reviewer: Lee

Reliable parts at affordable price