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A Chevrolet C3500 will be subjected to harsh conditions during the vehicle's lifetime and so quality replacement parts are vital to good maintenance and trouble-free operation. Avoid excessive hazards in your traveling by checking that your vehicle has the safety parts that you want. Most automakers produce safe cars, but remember it's the driver's job to establish that all the necessary safety components are in place and operative. No matter the part, maintaining a vehicle with first class parts is the best strategy over time. Your fine Chevrolet was manufactured using quality and craftsmanship; it needs new OEM components with a similar high level of value. Any car will require replacement parts once in a while, so when that time comes is here to help you. Owning a Chevrolet is an intelligent choice, and maintaining it in excellent condition is even more sensible!

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Chevrolet C3500

A full-sized pickup truck, the Chevrolet C3500 was a rear wheel drive model, part of the C/K line of pickups (the "K" series had four wheek drive). The C/K series was first introduced in 1960. Production of these trucks continued until 1998. The C/K Series was different from the pickup trucks that came before them. Until 1960, pickup trucks were not designed for comfort or handling; they were intended for construction or farm work. As a result, driving any pickup truck was like driving a Sherman Tank (pthe first pickup trucks were actually intended for use by the military during the First World War), so comfort and handling took a backseat to sheer utility. The C/K series was designed with independent front suspension with a drop-center frame, making the ride more car-like.

First generation C/K models were given a torsion bar on the front end and a trailing arm suspension in the back. When the second generation of C/K trucks came out in 1967, the trailing arm suspension with its obsolete leaf springs were replaced by a coil spring trailing arm. The result was a much smoother ride. These "Action Line" trucks came with numerous options that were common on passenger sedans - but virtually unheard of in working vehicles. The C/K trucks were given larger engines, and for the first time, a pickup could be had with a three speed automatic transmission. There were two options here: the Powerglide or the Turbomatic Hydramatic 350, a descendent of GM's original automatic transmission that was introduced on the 1940 Oldsmobile.

In 1973, GM made several upgrades to the C/K Series. The body took on a smoother, more aerodynamic shape and overall lower profile. Some high-tech (for the time) additions included a radio antenna that was actually embedded in the windshield glass. Inside, the C/K Series got additional padding, with cloth upholstery and acoustic materials for a much quieter ride than was typical of work vehicles of the time. In 1987, Chevy equipped every C/K base model with AM/FM radio and air conditioning.

A number of innovative safety devices were also introduced during the late 1970s, such as a collapsible steering column and rear view mirrors mounted on the doors. Before this time, such devices were found only on passenger sedans and station wagons. GM also started installing lap and shoulder belts with locking retractors, laminated windshield and door glass, a night-vision mirror and one of the earliest examples of a lane departure system.

In the early 1980s, GM was targeted in a lawsuit over the C/K Series gasoline tank, which plaintiffs alleged were prone to explode when the vehicle was struck from the side. The defense later discovered that the evidence - a film of such an accident - had been fabricated by an "expert" witness hired by one of GM's competitors.

Production of the C/K Series was discontinued in 1998. However, many of these rugged pickups have been maintained and are still serving their owners, even after four decades. If you are fortunate enough to locate a Chevrolet C3500 for sale in good condition, jump on it. When you need those parts for minor maintenance chores, go to for the best prices on a full range of auto parts and accessories.

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1998 Chevrolet C3500 Turn Signal Assembly

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1998 Chevrolet C3500 Oxygen Sensor

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this is a great replacement handle. well made and inexpensive. Installation instructions would be really cool.