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The Mercedes C280 has great steering and it is a very powerful and well-made automobile which is one of the most accessible of all Mercedes. It is well-equipped and has impeccable engineering and it is well-designed. It also has many safety features. The C280 is a luxury sedan many drivers enjoy because of its smooth handling. Like any other luxury vehicle when the time comes for repairs it cannot be more stressed how important it is to use the best quality parts for replacement or upgrading to keep this fine and powerful luxury automobile at the peak of its performance.

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Mercedes C280

From 1993 through 2000, Mercedes first line of C-class vehicles, the W202 line, were produced. Different engine, body, and accessory options were offered in this line, which led to the naming of models such as the Mercedes C280. Compared to older models, the C280 and its kin had sleeker, smoother lines, which gave the vehicles a more modern look during their production run at the end of the 20th century. A second generation lasting until 2007, the W203 line continued production of the C280. Today, only used Mercedes C280 parts and vehicles are available, but thanks to the quality of their original construction, these cars are still used both by original owners and Mercedes aficionados, both of whom demand luxury and prestige in their automobiles.

The C280 was the highest end of the W202 line, and it featured a straight 6-cylinder engine. Later models had a V6-cylinder engine. When this engine change occurred, the vehicles became more fuel efficient and gained a slight advantage in horsepower over the straight-6 design. Aside from the engine being more powerful than other W202 models, the handling was also better. Mercedes C280 vehicles with automatic transmissions also had traction control. This was an option on models until 1997, when it became standard on the base vehicle package. Traction control not only made the car easier to handle in hazardous conditions, it helped to prevent accidents. Should a crash occur to a Mercedes C280, those in the car would be protected by standard driver's and passenger's side air bags and side impact protection built into the car's frame. For the time, these were mostly considered optional safety features, but they came as a standard part of owning a Mercedes.

When comparing European-sold models to those made for the American market, slight differences exist. Collectors and those who need to replace Mercedes C280 parts will need to recognize where the car was sold. American models of the C280 did not have trim options, but the most telling signs are the presence of side markers on the exterior turn signals and a third brake light in the back. An optional sports package on American models improves performance with upgraded tires, wheels, and suspension, and a leather interior makes the sports model still feel luxurious.

As an update from previous Mercedes models, the C280 proved itself to be highly popular among those seeking their first luxury car. But first luxury cars, like first homes, are not always going to be completely free of problems. Some minor complaints concerning the Traction control system and the cruise control have appeared over the years, but experienced drivers may pass these over after becoming used to the quirks of the model. Other problems have been more pressing, especially those concerning issues with certain Mercedes Benz C280 parts. Batteries that require more frequent inspections, crankshaft pulleys that need to be replaced, and software upgrades are some of the issues addressed in recalls of this make and model.

A long production time and quality construction mean that there are likely few major repairs needed, even for older models of Mercedes Benz C280. Regular maintenance with components from's vast Mercedes C280 parts catalog can make this task easier to finish. Let help you with all of your Mercedes C-class parts and repair needs.

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1995 Mercedes C280 Suppressor Cover

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Have search for several years for parts for my old mercedes which I'd like to renew inside and out. This was the first place that had what was needed and actually sent the ordered part. Thanks to all of you at Partsgeek great job.

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C280 parts need for over 8 years.

The Bilstein Shock were just like the Mercedes original installed that came with the C280 that I purchased new in 1995.

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