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In today’s society, cars seem as necessary to daily life as lunch breaks and grocery shopping. Most people commute daily so a car is necessary for their very livelihood. For some other people, cars aren’t just a way of getting around but something to be cherished and taken care of. They invest thousands of dollars restoring old cars or they spend thousands buying top-of-the-line new models. Some people even invest in special racing cars so that they can enter competitions. When they have some free time, they visit museums so that they can understand the histories of the cars they love so much. They join organizations and mailing lists so that they can always have the most up-to-date information about their beloved cars. They even outfit their garage, turning a storage area into a spectacular workshop. Tools are stored specially and sometimes carpet is even laid out. Some people even choose to turn their garage into their own special museum to store their cars in. Here are some resources for the automotive enthusiast.


Automotive Museums

Vintage Racers

Garage Tips

Mailing Lists

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