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For a great handling mid-sized performance car, the Volvo 960 is a superior pick. The Volvo 960 replaced the 760 in Volvo's line of quality vehicles. The 960 features an inline six-cylinder, twenty-four valve dual-overhead camshaft engine crafted from aluminum. The seats and seat belts in the 960 underwent design changes, making them more sleek and comfortable. Front airbags were also added to this model, as well as a sliding sunshade. The Volvo 960 is an aerodynamic dream vehicle that deserves only the best high-quality auto parts be used. If you want to optimize, repair or maintain your 960, premium auto parts will last longer and perform better than inferior parts.

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Volvo 960

The Volvo 960 was available between 1990 to 1998. It was sold as a sedan and buyers could also receive a notchback body style. The predecessor to the Volvo 960 was the Volvo 760. Volvo wanted to update the 760 and the design work began in 1988 for the new model. In the beginning, Volvo had intended for the name of the new car to incorporate the 760. However, when the new car was launched it was discovered it would be better to give this new car its own name. The 900 series was chosen after careful consideration of the other model names already manufactured by Volvo. The four cylinder engine was called the 940, and the new inline six-cylinder engine was called the 960.

From here the story of the Volvo 960 began in 1990. The Volvo 960 had a three-liter engine and was based on six cylinders. It was manufactured with an electronically controlled automatic transmission. The 960 was created to help Volvo be more competitive within an industry which catered to high performance automobiles. Not only was the Volvo 960 considered an innovative vehicle, it was also given many different safety awards for its child booster cushion. It was awarded the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award and the AutoCar and Motor Award Prize in Best Safety Features. The 960 shared these awards with the Volvo 940.

The 960 was considered better than the 940, because it was made with higher-quality parts and a more roomy interior. The first generation was manufactured until 1994 and had a Volvo 960 spec such as a six-cylinder in-line engine producing 204-horsepower. The second generation was released from 1994 onwards with a six-cylinder engine with the same 204-horsepower. Car buyers could expect a well-designed automobile with alloy wheels, electric windows and power steering. Other features could be added such as air conditioning, cruise control and a high-tech sound system. The 960 was released with some of the best safety features which were standard additions on the car such as both front passenger and driver side airbags and a Side Impact Protection System.

In 1991, the Volvo 960 was created with an old petrol V6 engine in places such as the USA and Australia because of fuel regulations. It was also modified in countries such as Italy where it contained a six-cylinder 16-valve engine with a manual gearbox. The next generation Volvo 960 had many different upgrades compared to previous generations. There were actually 1400 new features upgraded on this vehicle. It was given new door panels, better headlights, updated front and rear bumpers, and sleek front fenders. In 1995, Volvo also released the 960 with the ability to handle unleaded fuel. The engine had a smaller displacement of 2.5-liters. Buyers could select the 960 with a manual gearbox - the M90. Only an automatic gearbox was released for the Volvo 960. The production of the 960 continued until February 1998 after the automobile received an upgrade to its upholstery. Anyone interested in finding out more about Volvo 960 wagon parts should browse a website such as

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Jane F,

Found it. Ordered it. It arrived. Worked great.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: 1995 Volvo 960

I have used this compay for years and never had a problem with the parts or shipping. I must commend you on the excellent service I've received over many years. Thank you!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Old reliable

This manual came right on time. It has everything I need. You guys rock!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: John

I ordered two hood struts for my 960 Volvo. The parts arrived on time and took a few minutes to install. I needed a few more parts but I didn't order them intially to make sure my first small order went correctly. I'm in the process of ordering more parts....

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Rick P.

Had to wrestle it a wee bit, two holes didn't line up but plenty secure with the remaining bolts.

Good value for the money and would another if i needed one.

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: lugnut

part fit and works good. NO RETURN CORE PAPER WORK INCLUDED.