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Although the Audi 90 isnít made anymore, you can still find its models on the roads today. From 1990 to 1995, these sedans were created for the consumers that were interested in purchasing quality vehicles that had exceptional designs and styles. Those that are still on the road with this vehicle know the importance of maintenance and repairs because thatís what it takes to ensure that the car is kept on the road for as long as it has been. In order to conduct quality repairs and maintenance, it is important to only purchase quality parts for your car. Getting top-notch pieces for your vehicle is essential for getting longer-lasting and greater results. Shopping around for the best parts and reading reviews is a part of the process, but it is well worth it when you see your car still striving and driving on the road.

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Audi 90

The origins of the Audi brand date back to the early 20th century. The present Audi company was formed in the 1960s when Volkswagen purchased a company called the Auto Union from Daimler-Benz. The Audi brand was launched in 1965 and continues to be headquartered in Ingolstadt which is in the Bavarian region of Germany, also home of the Bavarian Motor Works which produces competitors to Audi in the high end luxury performance car market. The name Audi comes from the Latin translation of Audi's founder, August Horch. In Latin, Horch translated to "listen". The four rings of the Audi logo represent the four companies that were joined together to form Audi. The first Audi B1 was also called "the bastard" because it was a hybrid of the Auto Union/DKW frame and a Mercedes-Benz engine.

The Audi 80 was introduced in 1966. The Audi 80/90 was sold in the North American market from 1973 through 1987. In North America, the Audi 80/90 was sold under the nameplate of Audi Fox and Audi 4000. The Audi 80/90 model was developed as a competitor for the Ford Tarsus and Opal. In the 90 upscale version, it competed with the Alpha Romeo and Triumph high performance models. The 90 model was originally built on the Volkswagen Passat but later was separated when the Passat went to a different type of engine mounting. The 80/90 series had a number of diesel and gasoline based engines, with the gasoline versions steered toward the North American market. The engines were in the 1.7 liter, 85 horsepower size. It also came with a five speed manual or four speed automatic transmission.

Although the recent problems with Volkswagen are well known, the Audi online forums indicate that the Audi 90 model has a significant issue in the fuel system that caused intermittent, unintended acceleration. The Audi 90 owner will benefit from good resources such as an Audi parts online catalog that provides a list of genuine Audi parts. is a great resource for OEM Audi parts and can ship Audi parts direct to the owner.

The Audi design proved successful by being awarded European Car of the Year in 1973, competing against eighty other models. In 1976, Audi redesigned the look of the front grill to be more aerodynamic. In the North American market the Audi 80 was named plated as the Audi 90, intended to serve the luxury family sedan market although it remained both the 80 and geared more toward the economy market in Europe. A more expensive model known as the 4000 was also marketed in North America. Over the 1980s, Audi continued to refine the 80 base, eventually settling on the 80 and the more luxurious 90 model. In 1991, Audi did a major uplift on the 80 model to include luxury features such as cruise control and added certain features to meet US safety standards such as high impact bumpers. The 80 base continued to be used by Audi through 2000.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Turboaudi

Worked great pain in the ass to install but what you gonna do

1995 Audi 90 Back Up Light Switch

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Reviewer: Sway Bar Link - Front

Item was exact fit. A good deal considering some parts suppliers send the wrong parts.

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Reviewer: kashiss

Other than the two day shipping not being actually two days, the parts were perfect, and cheaper than anywhere else I found. Definitely do business thru here again, thank you guys!

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Reviewer: Diego Chavez

Good part. Got to the shop nice an safe!

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Reviewer: Audi Owner

product arrived on time, good quality, came with all the parts, good price for the product

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: arturo

good product..... and .....price and .......also prompt delivery

1990 Audi 90 Brake Caliper