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On occasion the most frustrating aspect about repairing a vehicle is seeking out a quality source for reliable parts. In the event that your BMW breaks down, the clear answer is acquiring a top-quality OEM or replacement auto part to keep your BMW in the best shape. Reliable parts and other accessories are necessary to keep that BMW in great condition whatever the environment.

When you need BMW 850i parts, the best approach is to look for the best quality parts and components you can buy - and at PartsGeek you also find the most affordable prices anywhere, along with world class service. Visit PartsGeek any time you need high quality automotive parts and you'll always receive excellent customer service and a good price every day. The value and high value of your BMW 850i require remember to use replacement and aftermarket components with a similar level of value; those parts don't always have to cost an arm and a leg. Your BMW 850i is always a solidly built car but with mileage even the best-designed vehicles need replacement part maintenance and new replacement parts. BMW creates highly regarded cars and trucks, particularly the 850i, and they are commonly seen on the highway.

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BMW 850i

The BMW 8 Series is a well-loved, highly respected series of 2-door coupes with a reputation for power and performance. Design of the 8 Series was underway by 1984 and the series debuted in 1989 with the 1990 model year. The price tag in 1997 started at $70,000 ($126,000 equivalent in 2015). While popular, the car was an up-market, pricey vehicle, and during the seven years of production, only around 7,000 8 Series cars were sold in the US. (That accounted for less than one-fourth of the total world-wide production.)

The BMW 850i was only available for a few years, between 1989 and 1992. During its short run, the 850i was one of the premiere cars of its time. The twelve cylinder engine paired with a six-speed manual gearbox made the car a beast prowling the unsuspecting back roads. The 850i saw the unique integration of three headlamps (high beams, low beams, and fog lights) into one pop-up headlight fixture. This model also introduced the integral rear axle which would be modified and further-perfected in the later 850CSi model, and the seat integrated retaining system was another notable feature of the vehicle.

The M70B50 12 cylinder, 24 valve engine produced 300 horsepower of growling power beneath the hood of the BMW 850i. Paired with the 4-speed auto or 6-speed manual gearbox, the 850i was ready to provide plenty of performance and excitement for the discerning driver.

A convertible version of the BMW 850i was developed and ready for production, but there were never any units produced. (There is a lovely red prototype of the 850i cabriolet in the BMW museum in Germany.) The 850i morphed (in a relatively unclear and non-linear way) into first the slightly different 850Ci (the extra "c" standing for "coupe") and then the 850 designation evolved into the BMW CSi. The CSi version used the same engine as the 850i, but it was re-tuned and improved for the modified suspension, 6-speed manual transmission, and other changes present in the CSi version.

Even though there were very few of the 850i version of these cars made and eventually sold in the US, restoring, maintaining, and repairing the various vehicles of the BMW 8 Series is a popular project for car enthusiasts. If you are looking for BMW 8 Series parts for you car, or are searching for a place to find the best BMW 850i parts and accessories to keep your car in tip-top shape, you might want to check out an online auto parts retailer like Utilizing computerized parts catalogs and modern order fulfillment technologies, can make sure you are getting the right BMW 850i performance parts for your project. And, not only will you have the right part for the right price, you will enjoy the convenience of having the part you need shipped right to your door, without the hassle or fuss of going to the auto parts store that is ever-more interested in selling you a green tree air freshener than they are in having the parts you need in stock.

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Reviewer: Joachim

I have not had the chance to install this part yet, but TRW is a trusted company that makes good products. I have purchased and installed quite a number of parts by this company before and was never disappointed. I cannot see why it should be different this time around.

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Reviewer: R. Brown

Great replacement for original equipment. Love the pre-lubed ball joints.

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Reviewer: Mahle Thermostat

I was able to find all the parts i needed. I am very please with this product my mechanic could not believe and he was very surprised i got the parts for less than his quote.

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Cheap, efficient, high quality. That's all I ask and that's what I got.

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It was the same exact part that you would buy from the dealer for $300 less i will be buying all of my BMW parts from the parts geek

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Exactly what i needed. Easy installation and got here quick.