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The Volvo 740 is a very reliable mid-sized car that was produced in the 1980s and 90s. It came in a sedan and station wagon version, and you will often still see them out on the highway. This is because they were developed and constructed so well, and also because of their engine design, which featured an inline-four engine. This model vehicle was optimized in 1990 in the areas of styling and mechanics. The headlights, tail lights and dash board were all restyled, and the connecting rods, turbocharger and fuel system were given attention such that these cars often run well for many hundreds of thousands of miles. To keep this dream vehicle running well, always choose reliable, high performance auto parts for routine maintenance or for further optimization.

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Volvo 740

After the Volvo 700 Series went through meticulous development for five years, it was finally launched and introduced to the public in approximately nine locations in European in 1982. In the beginning, the exclusive representative of this vehicle was the Volvo 760, which was powered by a V6 engine, 156 horse power. This was the same for the 260 Series. The Volvo 740 got a new automatic transmission with four speeds. This improved its fuel consumption to twenty percent when you a driving on long road trips.

The Volvo 740 was through to run quietly with the existing engine standards. This made it fast and powerful vehicle. Independent rear suspension was added and a couple of suspension arms for bumpy road absorption. The manufacturer also added cross strut and torque struts to handle:

o Lateral forces

o Torsional forces

o Longitudinal forces

This allowed for better braking and improved acceleration. The manufacturer attached the torque struts to the sub-frame and mounted it on the chassis and rubber brushes. In 1984, there was a significant development with the introduction of the Volvo 740GLE model. It had four cylinders, which was a substitute to the Volvo 760. It was less expensive compared to the Volvo 760. The Volvo 740 had a solid engine, but with only a capacity of 2.3 liter and 131 horsepower as well as a lower trim level. The engines, however, were dependable.

In the year 1988, Volvo showcased the 740GLT at the Geneva Motor Show. At that time, the engine showed a difference from other comparable models, featuring two rotating balance shafts, designed have a reduction in the vibration when being driven. The power of the engine was amplified to 155 horsepower. The Volvo 740 Series appeared on the auto market in 1989 and came with an obvious frontal face lift. Underneath the bonnet, you would notice a change in engine, making it more efficient and compact. The exhaust manifold was redesigned, aiding in the turbo-charge power being improved. The mid-range and lower torque was especially improved.

The Volvo 740 vehicle owed its huge success mainly to facets that included popular levels of safety, sheer dependability and a set of new standards of ease and comfort found in a wagon of that caliber. However, the Volvo 740 wagon was made popular likely due to its unmatched interior space and its load capacity. For that reason, it is one of the most well-sought-after vehicles of all times. Throughout the years, though, the Volvo 740 has been powered by various engines, but particularly the in-line units that come with the turbochargers or without the turbochargers of the 4 cylinder engines. In addition, there were also optional diesel variants with six cylinders.

The exterior of the vehicle also went through a small face lift in 1988. This facelift was used to carry the 1989 model. In 1990, the Volvo 740 model was manufactured to look and to drive like the Volvo 940, subsequently taking over. For spare parts for Volvo 740 or 1992 Volvo 40 parts, then you must visit to find the items that you are looking for. You can also get Volvo 740 custom parts, if that is what you need.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: wolfcreek automotive

same as factory, perfect fit

1990 Volvo 740 Expansion Tank Cap

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Reviewer: Hayo

Good parts ...

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Reviewer: Jason

Part was OEM, it fit perfectly, the price was great, and the item arrived quickly. What's not to like!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: J Green

Works as you'd expect. No problems attaching to my Volvo 740 Sedan (1991).

1991 Volvo 740 Washer Nozzle

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Reviewer: J Green

This part works great. Fixed to my Volvo 740 Sedan (1991) in just a few minutes.

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Reviewer: El Guapo

Motor mount works fine