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The 380SL Mercedes is a two door roadster and it is a vintage beauty. It was first introduced in 1980 and production was stopped on the 380SL in 1986. One of the best features on this fine and well-made automobile is the powerful V8 engine which makes driving this classic such a great joy. This car is also popular because it is well-equipped and well-manufactured and because it handles the road so well. To keep this car running smoothly it is vitally important to use only the best of quality of auto parts whenever the need arises for repairs or the need for auto parts to be upgraded or replaced.

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Mercedes 380SL

Part of a series of sport roadsters that have been produced in various forms for over 60 years, the Mercedes 380SL is a vehicle that is still sought after by collectors. The fact that the SL series had the second longest production run of any Mercedes-Benz vehicle except for the G-Class is a testament to it popularity as well as the vehicle's quality and reliability. The Maercedes 380SL itself was made between 1980 and 1985. The designation "SL" itself is an abbreviation for sportlich-leicht, a German term meaning "sport lightweight."

In the early 1950s, the marketing department at Mercedes-Benz began noticing what was going on with the growing popularity of two-seat convertible sports cars from England, such as the MG, Austin and the classic Jaguar XKE model. At that time, even U.S. auto maker was getting into the act, introducing the Corvette (which in the beginning, only looked like a sport roadster, but still ran and handled like the stodgy station wagon it was underneath - but that's another story).

Mercedes threw its own hat into the ring with a streamlined, slick-looking coupe with doors that opened upward like a bird's wings. In 1954, the company introduced the 300SL, known as the "Gullwing." A convertible model with a four cylinder inline engine, the 190SL, came out a year later, just in time to compete with the new MGA and Chevrolet's new, improved Corvette. That 1.9 liter engine as basically a four-cylinder version of the straight six that powered its bigger brother, the 300SL. At 120 horsepower, it wasn't spectacular, but it was respectable for a vehicle of this type at the time. It wasn't cheap; the sticker price when it arrived in U.S. showrooms was almost $4000 (about $35,500 in today's dollars).

When it first arrived in dealer showrooms, the 380SL was equipped with a 155 horsepower V8 - again, not anything to shout about, but it managed to do the job. The body style was radically different from its forebear of a quarter-century earlier; it was edgy, with angular lines, and was considered quite innovative for 1980.

At that time, Mercedes' corporate motto was, "Engineered Like No Other Car in the World" - and so it was. The metal used in the coachwork was thicker than that used on other cars of the time. However, over the years, the SL unfortunately gained a reputation for gathering rust in the fender wells, rocker panels and corners. Some owners have also reported that the paint has a tendency to peel off as the vehicle ages. Another complaint about the hardtop version was wind noise, which is to be expected with rag tops. Although removable, that hard top didn't come off easily; it usually took two people to take it off.

Despite its shortcomings, the 380SL is still a coveted collectors vehicle and overall, has stood up over the years quite well. Sometimes, the interior doesn't age quite as well as it should, but Mercedes interior parts are available for restoration work when called for. Check out the selection of 1984 Mercedes 380SL parts and other model years at

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1983 Mercedes 380SL Mono Valve Repair Kit