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Choosing the right parts is important when you own a BMW 330xi. It's a high-quality car, so high-quality parts are what you'll want to choose. Sure, you could get some cheap, knockoff parts that don't cost as much, but they won't last as long, either. Before you know it you'll be paying to replace them again, and labor rates to have the work done aren't cheap, either. Avoiding that is easy, though, if you just buy high-quality parts for your BMW 330xi from the start. It ensures that the parts will last as long as possible, and you can get to work, drive on the weekends, or take a vacation in your BMW without fear of problems. Who doesn't want to have the best reliability they can when it comes to their transportation? It's easily attainable with high-quality parts.

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BMW 330xi

What can be said about the BMW 330xi? For one thing, it was a car which started out with a huge fan-following and a lot of popularity. The BMW 330xi is part of the 3 Series, from the carmaker Bavarian Motor Works or BMW, and it is indeed a luxury car. Car buyers who were looking for a vehicle with a sleek design, great quality and the ability to ensure a smooth drive could look to the BMW 3 Series.

It was in the 1970s, when BMW began to consider a replacement for the BMW 2002, which was the predecessor to the BMW 330xi. The BMW automobile company realized it could not just replace the BMW 2002 with just any vehicle, but with one that would continue the popularity of the brand, but also be modern and affordable. It was in the 1975 model year when BMW introduced the BMW 3 Series in the European market, but it would not arrive to North America until it was produced as the 1977 model year. The first model within this series was the E21. However, in North America the E21 was called the 320i model. The BMW 330xi is a successor to the original E21 3 Series.

It can be said there is a difference between the previous BMW 2002 and the 320i model. For example, the 320i had an increased length and was 1.5 inches longer. The wheelbase was also 2.5 inches longer than the 2002 model, making it larger and more comfortable. However, characteristics of the 320i model were retained from the BMW 2002, as it continued to be a two-door car and had many of the same style features such as a low beltline and a forward-leaning grille. BMW continued to evolve the 320i, and in 1980, a new engine was introduced: a 1.8 liter with a three-way catalytic added to the emissions control system. As a result, the engine produced about 100 horsepower, and the car still contained a five-speed manual transmission.

The BMW 3 Series would continue to be upgraded throughout much of 1984 when the second generation E30 3 Series was released. The automaker undertook a serious redesign starting in 1992 for the E36 3 Series. However, it was not until BMW created the E46 3 Series that the 330xi was born, and this was in 1999. The new design and shape for this BMW automobile was pleasing to the eye. Car enthusiasts were able to see expanded wheel arches and a new sleek front end. The roof line became more rounded, and overall the BMW 330xi for sale was larger than the models before it. BMW had increased the wheelbase by one inch, and also increased the car's length by 1.5 inches. In a BMW 330xi review, it was found to be a compact, comfortable car with the introduction of all-wheel drive. Further information about more detailed BMW 330xi specs and parts can find it by visiting a website such as

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Ric

Great service and the parts fit like a glove thank you.

2001 BMW 330xi Axle Nut

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Luke

looks great. Thanks.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Perfect fit

I like getting parts from Parts Geek, they get it right the first time!

2004 BMW 330xi Headlight Level Sensor

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Steve J

great product. adds more lift than OE shocks

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Lyndon Edwards

Exact part as shown in catalog. Fast delivery in sealed package. Extremely pleased with this transaction.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: mgilder

This is the original OEM part used by BMW. This addresses "Service Engine Soon" light with a code of P2402.

2006 BMW 330xi Leak Detection Pump