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If you are exploring a car lot for a car that will provide performance combined with luxury, go for a car such as the BMW 328i xDrive because it includes the benefits you want in a great ride. Avoiding major wrecks is easier with the correct safety devices. Tragic accidents are sometimes a fact of life owning a car or truck, but drivers can mitigate the odds of being involved in a disastrous accident just by purchasing and maintaining your safety gear like signal lights and brakes. The right parts for the job are just a mouse click away when you order from PartsGeek. Your car or truck is only as good as the parts it uses, and so the team of experts here at PartsGeek is eager to help you find the best parts for any purpose.

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BMW 328i xDrive

If there was a real James Bond today, he's probably pick the BMW 328xDrive. It is part of BMW's popular 3-Series, of which 14 million have been sold since the first model rolled off the assembly line in 1975. Stylish in an understated way with handling and performance the compares favorably with the M Series, the BMW 328xDrive is possibly the ideal car for those adventurous road trips.

"Xdrive" is an all-wheel drive technology that has been three decades in the making. It adds only an additional 125 pounds to the vehicle's curb weight (though it also adds $2000 to the sticker price). The xDrive system ensures road-gripping traction with the use of a computerized clutch mechanism and automatically programs the stability system on the fly. Truly a marvel of engineering, xDrive routes power to the front axle, but disengages the clutch from the front drive wheels at lower speeds when maneuvering in tight spaces (such as parking lots). Normally, xDrive divides torque between front and rear wheels on a 40/60 basis. However, when even the slightest skid is detected or the driver guns the engine, xDrive goes into action in order to transfer torque where it is needed and apply the brakes just enough to avoid disaster.

The BMW 328xDrive is powered by a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine rated at 240 horsepower, coupled to an eight speed automatic transmission. Despite its limited size, that engine is surprisingly peppy. The BMW 328i xDrive 0-60 time is just over 5 seconds. Due to its 3700 pound curb weight however, braking is a bit compromised: it takes almost 175 to bring it to a full stop from 70 miles per hour. Gas mileage is not quite as good as one would expect from a four banger; it averages about 20 miles per gallon. All-in-all, its a nice little car for the price, even if cornering leaves something to be desired and the interior is only average.

While many might choose a BMW 328i xDrive lease over a purchase, if you do decide to purchase one, expect to pay a bit over $34,000 for a base model. Options of course can add quite a bit to that figure, depending on what you order - but for a Beemer, that isn't a bad price.

When it comes to repairs and maintenance, the letters "BMW" can strike fear into the hearts of owners when the see the cost of parts and accessories. Fortunately, these do not have to be purchased at full price. When you do your parts shopping at, you'll find a full selection of parts and accessories for the BMW 328xDrive wagon and sedan at lower prices than you are likely to find elsewhere. In many cases, discounts can be up to 80% off on the most often needed parts for repairs and maintenance chores.

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Verified Customer
7/5/14 05:28 PM - USA

Ordered pagid pads and desperately hard to find hardware. Shipping was fast and easy. Geek has what you need; vast selection. No need to order from two or three places to get what you need. Prices are the lowest across the board! Future repeat buyer! - Joe

- 2010 BMW 328i xDrive Brake Pad Set
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Verified Customer
7/18/14 12:21 PM - USA

Great pads! No noise, very low dust, no special break in, just install and drive. These will be on the rear brakes very soon. Simply the best at the price! - BMW 328 xdrive

- 2010 BMW 328i xDrive Brake Pad Set
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Verified Customer
10/9/14 07:20 PM - USA

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- 2010 BMW 328i xDrive Spark Plug
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Verified Customer
10/28/14 02:08 PM - USA

Read the Reviews on Site Jabber. Partsgeek has very back customer service! - Site Jabber

- 2010 BMW 328i xDrive A/C Hose
5 of 5
Verified Customer
1/3/15 10:04 AM - USA

Love how fast they came. Thanks for the wonderful service - Great Price and Fast Service

- 2009 BMW 328i xDrive Brake Pad Set
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Verified Customer
1/3/15 10:03 AM - USA

Love that this brakes came in 24 hours thanks again for the fast service - Great Price and quick service

- 2009 BMW 328i xDrive Brake Pad Set