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The 325xi is popular among BMW owners for the same reasons as many other BMW models grace, style, elegance, performance, luxury, handling, and the list goes on. If you're fortunate enough to own one of these great cars, you'll want to take the time to make sure you care for the car like you should. All cars will break down and need some form of repair eventually, and when your BMW 325xi needs something, you'll want to give it the high-quality parts that it deserves. It will run longer and perform better that way, but a lot of people think that they can just use cheap parts so they don't have to spend much, especially when money is tight. You can do that, but those parts don't last as long and they'll wear out faster, costing you more in the long run. High-quality parts are the way to go.

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BMW 325xi

Luxury drivers have made BMW the largest luxury brand in the United States, with the 3-series an important part of that legacy. Though there were many different cars made in that series, the 325xi stood out for several features, including being one of the few all-wheel drive cars in the 3-series line and options of wagon or sedan body. Despite its reputation as a BMW, the 325xi proved to be a competitive car on the market for those looking for mid-class vehicles, which contributed to this car's popularity with both the very wealthy and the middle class. Though it would later be replaced by the 328, the 325xi proved that people could get BMW quality for under $30,000.

In the 3-series, the 325i and 325xi were produced from 2001 through 2007. The name 325i indicates that the vehicle has a 2.5 liter engine, as shown by the "25" at the end of the number and is fuel injected, as shown by the "i" in the name. Both the 325i and BMW 325xi were entry models into the BMW line, but the difference between them is that the 325xi had all-wheel drive, a boon for those living in hilly or snowy areas where more control was a requirement for a vehicle. Though drivers could opt for a wagon model, this was not your standard station wagon. BMW dubbed it a "sportswagon," and the performance and handling of the vehicle ensures that it lived up to this name.

BMW is a name that is known for well-built cars that will last for decades if maintained, but occasional BMW 325xi parts have been known to fail, leading to recalls of these cars. The most well-publicized recalled affected the brakes. This was caused by a crack on the brake rotors, which could - in certain conditions - become worse and prevent the rear wheels from stopping. Replacing the rotors and any other affected BMW 325xi parts would usually remedy this issue. Other difficulties encountered included a loose bolt on the suspension arm. Replacing the entire arm was the most recommended repair for this problem. Cooling system failures around 60,000 miles have not prompted a recall, but the standard 60,000 mile vehicle check by a dealer should replace any faulty components. As with any repair, consulting a BMW 325xi parts diagram is vital to ensure that the proper parts are obtained and placed.

All vehicles, regardless of their make and model, will have issues over the production run, and typical driving conditions can wear out parts. That's why regular maintenance of any car is vital to keeping it on the road and increasing its longevity. The same is true even for quality BMW cars. Whether you need to replace a recalled component or just want to conduct a regular service, such as replacing the brakes or wiper blades, has what you need. A large BMW 325xi parts catalog is filled with everything you need for your vehicle to keep it in top shape.

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2003 BMW 325xi Shock Bump Stop

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2003 BMW 325xi Coil Spring Shim

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2003 BMW 325xi Oxygen Sensor