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Like many models from BMW, the 320i still enjoys a lot of popularity. For many people once they own a BMW they can't imagine owning anything else, and some of these people keep their cars for years and even become collectors. If you own a BMW 320i, it's very important that you take care of it properly, and one of the ways to do that is through the purchase of high-quality parts. You could buy cheaper ones that would save you a little bit of money now, but what about later? How much will they cost you then, when they keep breaking down and needing replacement? It's something that all BMW owners want to give thought to, because high-quality parts are always the best way to go.

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BMW 320i

The BMW 3 series, marketed as an entry level, executive luxury model, had a memorable debut it was publicly unveiled in 1975 at the Munich Olympics. The BMW 302i represented a very important transition from the older 2002 model. It retained the spirit of BMW, well crafted, reliable, and high performing automobiles. The design was overseen by Paul Bracq and was manufactured in Germany. Evidence of the importance of the 320i to BMW is provided through sales figures from 1977 and 1978. The only available BMW model available in the United States, the 320i, was introduced in 1978. In 1977, BMW sold nearly 185,000 units of the new 3 series. In the United Stated, the 320i only came in a two door version but that did not stop sales figures from reaching 320,000 in 1979 as Americans found the new BMW to be fun and sporty, but still relatively affordable. The 3 series eventually became BMW's largest selling car model.

The 3 series also provided significant upgrades under the skin, including a front McPherson strut suspension system and a front disc, rear drum power braking system. The base design of the 302i was powered by a two liter, four cylinder engine that generated 110 horsepower. This engine was able to meet air pollution standards of the time without a catalytic converter. The original model came with a four speed manual transmission standard and offered a three speed automatic version that was later upgraded to a four speed. The original 320i entered the US market at a base price of under $10,000. by 1984, the price had nearly doubled to $19,000. A casual look at the 320I would not reveal many changes. However, the model design had been swept back, placing the headlamps almost flush to the body for decreased aerodynamic efficiency, which in turn improved gas mileage. The BMW 3 series continued to be refined and by 1987 had attained its classic look as well as a base price of nearly $30,000.

Although one of the selling points for the 320i was its sporty performance, due to US regulations, the engine for the North American version was reduced in power and geared toward less pollution. As sales figures indicate, this did not seem to dampen enthusiasm for the model. A review of BMW forums indicates that the 320i has reached classic status. Although there are issues noted, owners are very loyal to the 320i. It would be useful for the 320I owner to have access to a good BMW 320i parts catalog. There are plenty of BMW 320i parts for sale but a good site like can make running down those parts a lot easier.

The 320i has been popular on the European motor sports circuit. It was nicknames The Flying Brick because of its boxy design. The 302i won its first race in 1977 and the 320i motor and frame later moved into Formula One racing as well.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: BMW320igeek

Fast shipping. Courteous service.

1983 BMW 320i Relay

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Cesar

Good service and pront delivery, my part was delivery even before was the time for, what else can I ask for sheappest price and free delivery!!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Steve T

Clips appeard to be OEM, they fit perfectly and worked great!

1994 BMW 320i Door Panel Clip

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Steve T

Rubber/metal valve cover gasket and rubber seals for spark plug passageways work great. I didn't use any adhesive, and there are no leaks. Fit was perfect.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Steve T

Appeared to be an OEM product, fit perfectly.

1994 BMW 320i Door Handle Trim

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Jordan

Actually fit on the bimmer style muffler hanger clamp (which muffler shops often throw away!) The store bought ones kept falling off their welded on hooks (ugh) or tearing so these should last a good long time.

1983 BMW 320i Exhaust Hanger