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As the owner of a luxurious Mercedes Benz 300SE, replacement auto parts will help you maintain the high quality performance of your car. Repairing your Mercedes Benz with premium parts will allow you to keep the power of the Mercedes Benz under your control. The Mercedes Benz 300SE is a special class Mercedes Benz car that has been built for its aerodynamic effects meaning less overall drag. This is what allows your Mercedes Benz 300SE to reach speeds up to 250 km/hr. Even with such a powerful straight 6, 3L engine, the Mercedes Benz is designed to be fuel efficient during such high performance driving events. The safety features of this Mercedes Benz add to its great popularity among consumers. High quality auto parts for your Mercedes Benz 300SE will prolong the life and performance of your luxury car.

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Mercedes 300SE

In 1962, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the 300SE Coupe and the 300SE Cabriolet, both of the W 112 series. Standard equipment included a four-speed automatic transmission, power steering, pneumatic suspension and a dual-circuit brake system with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. The two new models raised the standards for the premium-class coupe and the cabriolet. The coupe combined fluent forms and spirited ambience with powerful drive systems, while the cabriolet diminished the boundary between passenger compartment and its surroundings. With the top pulled back, the 300SE Cabriolet combines the conventions of automotive travel with snazzy motoring. In addition, the sturdy convertible top offers the protection of a coupe. Luxury-class coupes and cabriolets from Mercedes-Benz fulfill these special values in a laudable manner, for which reason the brand and model culture of Mercedes-Benz has gathered appreciation for both vehicle concepts through numerous models. Mercedes' coupes and cabriolets are not merely grounded in tradition, but also represent the future. This was expressed by "Auto, Motor und Sport" magazine in its July 1962 issue, when the two new cars were hailed as the "non-plus-ultra of modern automotive construction." Production of the 300SE Coupe and 300SE was halted in 1969.

Minor electrical problems can be a headache, and are often attributed to a bad alternator. The alternator charges the battery and provides your car with a constant source of electricity while the engine is running. Over time, the alternator will begin to fail and wreak havoc with the car's electrical devices. If you suspect alternator trouble, you need to check to see that is operating correctly, and is indeed the cause of the problems with your charging system. It's important to troubleshoot the system prior to making decisions on replacements or repairs.

First check the battery light on the instrument cluster by turning the key to see if it illuminates briefly before going dark. If the light does not illuminate, you'll need to replace it before continuing. Inspect the belt that drives the alternator. If it is loose, check the condition of the belt. They can get brittle and glazed with age, and will slip on their pulleys, in which case you need to replace it. Next check the voltage at the battery. This should read a little more than 12 volts with the engine off. When the car is running, the voltage must read in the range of 13 to 14.5 volts with the engine at 3000 rpm. If the voltage measured at the battery is more than 15.5 volts when the engine is running, then the regulator is probably bad. Lastly. check the engine ground strap. If it is damaged or disconnected, it could well be the culprit behind your electrical system malfunctions. If you've checked all of these things and still experience charging problems, it's likely the alternator will need to be replaced. When you need to replace your alternator or any other failing part, PartsGeek is your best source for reasonably priced, high quality Mercedes 300SE oem and aftermarket parts.

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