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The Mercedes 300SD is a fine old car. It is luxurious and handles well. It has many safety features and it still a pretty classy car. It is large and very comfortable to drive. Like with many older model cars parts give out and have to repaired or replaced and when that happens with the 300SD those parts must be replaced with the highest quality parts to keep in time with the high standing of this classic beauty. If fine quality parts are not used this car will not perform as well as it is capable of performing, so it cannot be more stressed how important it is to use only the best parts when replacing or upgrading any components of this fine vintage Mercedes.

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Mercedes 300SD

While most advertising pitches consist of exaggeration and hyperbole, the slogan used by Mercedes for its S-class vehicles back in the 1980s - "Engineered Like No Other Car In The World" - is a claim that has been substantiated over and over. In fact, the "S" stands for "Sonderklasse," a German word that roughly translates as "[in a] class of its own," or "elite class." The first S-class Mercedes rolled off the assembly line in 1972. By that time, Mercedes-Benz had a solid reputation, built over the course of eighty years (the company produced the very first gasoline-powered vehicle in 1886), of excellence and quality engineering.

The S-class was a direct descendant of the classic "Ponton" and American-inspired "Fintail" models of the 1950s and 60s. During the latter part of the 20th Century, these vehicles established a reputation for reliability, durability and luxury. To own one was a major status symbol; in fact, they are often the vehicle of choice for heads of state around the world. Even the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury have ridden in them. On the dark side, before the advent of the Cadillac Escalade, they were favored by drug kingpins - in no small part because of their generous trunk space and speed capability (for outrunning law enforcement).

There were numerous options for those able to shell out the rather extravagant sticker price (six-figures in today's dollars). Engine choices ranged from a 123 horsepower 5-cylinder turbocharged diesel to a massive 5.6 liter V8 that put out 275 horsepower - as well as a number of inline sixes and V6 engines. Altogether, Mercedes Benz offered 26 different engines. Combine that with the many different options available, and it's small wonder that the S-Class was one of the most successful models Mercedes ever produced.

Diesel powered engines, particularly older ones, are a two-edged sword. On one hand, historically they have been noisy, smelly and hard to start in cold weather. On the other hand, they are almost indestructible; it isn't unusual for a diesel powered engine to keep running for half a million miles and more. Furthermore, they deliver a lot of punch for a relatively small amount of fuel. The Mercedes 300SD, as its numeric designation indicates, was equipped with a 3.0 liter inline five-cylinder diesel motor that was capable of traveling up to 32 miles on on gallon of fuel. More than three decades after its introduction to the U.S. market, there are hundreds of Mercedes 300SD's still running strong.

Like any vehicle - especially older ones with odometer readings in the mid-six digit range - the Mercedes 300SD requires periodic maintenance and repairs. Typically, vintage 1985 Mercedes 300SD parts are very expensive, just as they are for most high-end German imports. For the best deal on those Mercedes 300SD parts, consider online auto parts stores such as From 1980 Mercedes 300SD parts up to the more recent models, they will offer some of the lowest prices around.

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Somewhat Satisfied

Works, but is not the original pump for a 300sd.

1982 Mercedes 300SD Vacuum Supply Pump

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Lonnie

You guys are the best. Parts arrive fast and are top quality at a great price.Thank you for great service.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Kit

Parts arrived quickly and as ordered

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: wood10214

installed this radiator is easy, every things are perfect fit, the only thing can be better is the connector for transmision oil, plastic isn't perfect for the job.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Tim

Product fit well and seemed to be good quality.

1983 Mercedes 300SD Wheel Seal

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Tim

Lemfoerder is the OE supplier of Mercedes engine mounts, so these are equivalent to the much more expensive dealer items.