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The 300 E is a long time favorite of the mid-size luxury sport sedans because of its fuel-efficiency and handling capabilities. It is well-designed, classy and has aggressive styling and is a comfortable and safe car that performs well. It is a solid and well-made car enhanced with leading technology. They are very popular and loved by those who drive them and must be kept in the best of shape with high quality auto parts when the time comes for repairing, replacing or upgrading any of the components of this fine car. It is an impressive car and only the best parts should be used when repairs and replacement is needed.

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Mercedes 300E

The Mercedes 300 E is a midsized car. It was built using German engineering. The quality was the objective and this vehicle does not disappoint. This model was specifically designed to run efficiently when making extended road trips across the United States highways and byways. It has achieved many awards for its mileage efficiency.

The front suspension comes with its own damper and spring. Its top mount is made of rubber. The rear suspension features a multi-link axle, which was introduced to the marketplace in 1982. At the same time that the Mercedes 300 E was introduced so was the Mercedes 190 model. The multi-axle can be found on that vehicle as well as other similar models. Instead of a shock absorber, this vehicle had suspension struts. It also comes with a pressurizing pump under the bonnet. The ride height is fixed and employs rear coil springs. This was included so as to maintain its static ride height once the vehicle is parked.

When it was initially introduced, most of the features and engineering were included using advanced auto technology. The manufacturer incorporated technological innovations that other manufacturers have adopted throughout the auto industry. The vehicle has low fuel consumption and a quiet ride due to reduction in wind noise. It also had one windscreen wiper, which is odd for most vehicles, but eccentric for this model. However, the one wiper was made in such as a way as to have a wide reach towards the top corners.

The vehicle's interior is similar to all other W124 models. For one, it appears to be very contemporary, even though the opening for the tape cassette located in the audio system gives the secret of the game - that this kind of in-vehicle entertainment is already outdated decades ago. You could not call this vehicle slow. That would be entirely ridiculous. It has a crushing performance, which is quite evident to those who drive this vehicle. Many drivers think of this model as having the legs of a modern exotic vehicle such as the Lamborghini Countach, offering miles per hour that is between 60 and 120. This vehicle confirms its popular reputation. Once you are driving in it, the power continues to build, going deeper as you drive. This performance level in the past decade would be considered unbelievable.

In the vehicle's auto box, there are just four gears, even though, it can thunder down the road relentless, eating up asphalt as it travels quietly with little noise. The sound at any speed compares to rushing wind. The suspension is firm and the rid is compliant to other modern sedans with the same performance. The brakes are deceptive to the vehicle's age. The Mercedes 300 E has sufficient seating to fit up to seven passengers. If you have a used model and you are looking for the 1991 Mercedes Benz 300 E parts, then you may have to check with the experts at They will know the Mercedes 300 E specs, and of course, there is always a parts specialist there to assist you.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: John

Just what I needed!!!

1990 Mercedes 300E Lug Wrench

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Teddy

I was very satisied with service. Will be doing more bussiness with you.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Dick

its a head light it fits

1986 Mercedes 300E Headlight Lens

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Zack Moore

This OEM replacement even included the clamp. I read that the Eberspaecher would outlast most other brands. The fit was near perfect. I had a little trouble with alignment so as not to stretch one of the rubber hangers too much, but this could have been "operator error" more than anything else.

The car was on ramps in the yard. To support the muffler while sliding it onto the upstream pipe, I inverted a wooden chair with no back. The chair legs cradled the muffler very well at the right elevation.

Very good product from an efficient, price-competitive company.

1991 Mercedes 300E Muffler

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: G

Quality product as described

1988 Mercedes 300E Muffler

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: GTO John

Deal was fast and the part is actually marked "Germany". The quality appears as good as the original but the price was much cheaper than a dealer would want!