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The reliability and high value associated with the Mercedes 300CD are two reasons for usually buying performance and aftermarket systems with the same quality; high-quality parts don't always have to empty your wallet. A 300CD is regarded as a well-engineered car but with wear the most reliable cars and trucks must have occasional maintenance or new aftermarket or OEM parts. Mercedes produces highly popular cars and trucks, particularly the 300CD, and they are frequently seen on American roads. Shop at any time you require high quality automobile parts to get outstanding service and a reasonable price with every order. Excellent OEM parts are what owners need to keep your Mercedes rolling whatever the roads. If your car has problems, the optimum plan is finding a new well-rated OEM or replacement part to maintain your Mercedes in the best shape. If you want to shop for Mercedes 300CD parts, the best approach is to seek out the best-reviewed parts and accessories you can buy - and at Parts Geek you will get affordable prices online or offline all handled with world class customer service. Many times the most frustrating job about fixing that car is the quest for a quality source for reliable parts.

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Mercedes 300CD

The Mercedes 300 CD was part of a series of executive sedans built by the German automaker between 1976 and 1985, based on the W123 platform. The W123 series was the most successful Mercedes-Benz ever produced, with nearly 2.7 million cars sold during the production run. Mercedes W123 have been featured in film, a Warner Brothers cartoon (driven by Porky Pig) and a number of editions of the video game Grand Theft Auto.

The 300CD itself was powered by a diesel engine, as signified by the "D". The first generation first rolled off the assembly line in 1978 and was powered by a 77 horsepower inline five cylinder engine, known as the OM617. In 1981, that engine was upgraded to 83 horsepower. The second generation appeared later that year; a turbocharger was added, raising the horsepower rating to 125. Production of the Mercedes 300CD came to an end in 1985. Mercedes 300CD MPG was over 30, on the average.

More than thirty years later after the last model rolled off the assembly line, many Mercedes 300CD sedans are still running strong; the OM617 is widely considered to be among the most durable and reliable engines ever developed, able to go for well beyond the 600,000 mile mark before requiring an overhaul. Five cylinder engines were not new: the Ford Motor company attempted to develop one in the 1930s for use in a proposed economy model. It was also common in early aircraft rotary engines. However, the Mercedes OM617 was the first inline five cylinder engine to be mass produced and installed in a production vehicle.

A five cylinder engine offered distinct advantages over an inline six, at least at lower to mid-range engine speeds; there is a power stroke with every 144 degree turn of the crankshaft, and since every power stroke lasts 180 degrees, with five cylinders, there is always a power stroke. Such an engine loses less power due to friction than an inline six. However, because there is less overlap of power strokes, it runs less smoothly at higher RPMs than a six-cylinder motor.

In addition to the sedan configuration, the Mercedes W123 was also available as a coupe, a limousine and as an ambulance or hearse. Base models were equipped with a three speed automatic or a four or five speed standard transmission. A Mercedes Benze 4G-Tronic four speed automatic was available as an option during the last three years of production. Like the OM617, it is extremely reliable, known to operate for more than 300,000 miles.

If you are considering a used Mercedes 300CD for sale, you will want to make certain it has been properly maintained and cared for. As long as its maintained the Mercedes 300CD diesel will go almost indefinitely. Of course, you will need a source for parts in order to keep it in top conditions. As is the case for many German cars, Mercedes parts and components can be expensive. This is why it pays to check out, an online discount auto parts retailer that offers a range of automotive parts for as much as 80% off.

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Reviewer: knarox

OEM part at the best price.

Quick shipment from a local warehouse.

1983 Mercedes 300CD Steering Coupling

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Reviewer: Lannie

perfect fit and easy installation

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Arrived quickly, and will install PDQ>

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Fast delivery, just as described!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Kelly

Just as described!!

1985 Mercedes 300CD Sunroof Seal

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: motch

I am very happy with the quality of this pad, the material is very thik and is giving very good insulation. The color is exactly what I wanted, and the contour matches the hood perfectly. I want to say also that the delivery was surpraisingly fast. Thank you guys, I'm looking forward to make more business with you.