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The reliability and skilled design associated with the Volvo 245 are excellent reasons for always buying replacement and aftermarket parts of at least that level of value; high-quality parts don't need to cost a fortune. Shop at whenever you need the best OEM or aftermarket car parts and you'll get topnotch service and a reasonable price every day. A 245 is always a well built car but with wear the finest cars and trucks can't function without mechanical service and replacement of broken systems.

Volvo produces highly popular vehicles such as the 245, and they are frequently found on the American road. When you need to buy Volvo 245 parts, it's good sense to shop for the finest parts and accessories available - and here at you find the most reasonable prices on or off the Internet, and our first-rate order fulfillment. When your car breaks down, the optimum approach is a new high performance replacement or OEM auto part to restore your Volvo in perfect shape. On occasion the most annoying thing about fixing your Volvo is the need to find a good source for reliable parts. High-quality auto parts are what mechanics need to keep that Volvo rolling however harsh the roads.

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Volvo 245

With a launch date of 1974, and a substantial following to this day, the Volvo 240 is the very definition of a classic car. The 242 was the two-door; 244 was the four-door saloon; and the 245, which we emphasize here, was the Estate. All three were based on the 140. However, the fronts were re-engineered for MacPherson strut suspension. The interiors were refitted, and making them even more resistant to impact, and the bumpers were larger and more absorbent.

This new line of Volvos developed safety requirements so rigorous that the car was used as the standard for safety in the United States. However, the Volvo 245 was the model that set the standard when it came to performance. When the turbo-charged version of the 245 was presented in 1981, it was one of the world's fastest Estates. 1980 had seen the arrival of the more sporting GLT model. Facelifted in 1981 and given smaller bumpers, all the models were re-christened as 240s, no matter the body-style. The last were built in 1993; as durable in lifespan as they were in quality and strength. An objective description of the Volvo 240 would make the car seem rather drab and boring, the kind of vehicle easily forgotten by history. Yet, 40 years after its introduction, people of every sort still adore it.

The reliability and skilled design associated with the Volvo 245 are excellent reasons for always shopping at whenever you need the best Volvo 245 oem or aftermarket parts. Even though the 245 has been out of production for many years, it is still a popular car among Volvo enthusiasts. Since it was introduced, its quirks have become well-known.. Here are three of the most common issues to look out for on the 245 if you are thinking of picking up a used one. The 245 is notoriously famous for its forceful and robust heater. The problem is that the the heater blower motor is buried in the deepest recesses of the dash. Fortunately the motors are of good quality and if you're lucky you'll only have to replace it one time. On the other hand, The 245 goes through engine and transmissions mounts on a regular basis. To prevent serious damage you'll need to inspect them annually. The reason for the unusually short lifespan of these parts is due to the safety related design. The mounts are designed to allow the engine to move back and under the car, keeping it out of the passenger compartment in the event of a serious head on collision. Be prepared to replace them every 2-3 years. Another part to keep an eye on is the pre-pump, which is a low-pressure, high-volume pump that sits inside the gas tank and supplies fuel to the main high pressure pump under the car. Symptoms of its failure include poor idle quality, hesitation when accelerating, reduced fuel economy, loud humming noises issuing from the main pump, and accelerated wear of the main pump.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: gary hooten

parts were right, fit, and worked well

1984 Volvo 245 Clutch Disc

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: ATE Has Pretty Black Paint

And costs $90 more. I know I'm comparing German to Chinese, but one quarter the cost? The Cardone bolted right into my turbo wagon and came with a bench bleeding setup. Ist das deutsche Teil zu teuer. So I'm recommending the Cardone, traurig meine Freunde.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Midnite

Parts Geek provides excellent parts to keep my horse on a triple crown pace.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: gary h

parts arrived on time and fit well.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: JBeechcraft

Great German quality part. Partsgeek is great. Amazing prices, crazy fast shipping. If the shipping was free, there'd be no where else to go. Thanks!

1989 Volvo 245 Voltage Regulator

Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied
Reviewer: harry setwart

got it