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The 1970s were a distinctive decade. Long hair and beads were common, as were bell bottoms, disco, ABBA and Led Zeppelin. It was during this time that the Volvo 240 came into existence. A great-selling car for Volvo, it featured a fuel-injected four-cylinder engine and large front and rear areas designed to compress on impact during an accident, which provides greater safety for vehicle occupants. MacPherson-style struts and rack-and-pinion steering made this classic car much easier to drive than earlier 100 series vehicles that Volvo had produced. Whether you are upgrading, repairing or simply maintaining your Volvo 240, you will be wise to choose high-quality auto parts. These parts are crafted to the highest standards of excellence, and will help your Volvo continue its peak performance for years to come.

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Volvo 240

For almost 20 years, the Volvo 240 was a popular vehicle on roadways for its reliability and practicality. Though the design never turned heads and was never the fastest car on the road, it was a safe, dependable car that can still be found on the road today, and in many cases they still have their original Volvo 240 parts. The love people had for the Volvo 240 during its hay days from 1974 through 1993 remains to this day.

The Volvo 240 refers to the models made after 1983, earlier models were divided into seven different numbers, starting with 24, and ending in a third number that usually indicated the number of doors and letters to show the trim, but these were still in the legacy of the Volvo 240. Generally, the 4 in 240 indicated a four-cylinder engine, but there were exceptions, such as the diesel option, which had six cylinders. Drivers could choose vehicles with diesel or gasoline engines, doors ranging from 2 to 5, four cylinder or six cylinder engines, and more from the many trim packages available.

One thing many people recall instantly about the 240 is its long size, but this size had a purpose. Part of the high caliber of safety seen on the Volvo 240 was its large front and rear crumple zones. These areas absorbed the impact before the driver could feel it, almost like air bags for the car in an era before the advent of air bags. This was only one aspect of the vehicle's ability to keep the driver and others in the car safe. The Volvo 240 was so safe that it was listed as the safest car of its type for four years in the 1980s in the United States.

Collectors still seek out this car for its ease of customization. Most general mechanics appreciate the extra room under the hood, which is created by the large crumple zone. Being able to easily fix issues or add components to the vehicle has been a draw for many to this car. Volvo 240 performance mods are frequently discussed among enthusiasts who have or desire the Turbo trim level. For those who just want to return their old car to the way it once was, there are Volvo 240 restoration parts, which ensure that the remodeled car will be as good as it was when it newly hit the road.

Working on a Volvo 240 has been touted as being fairly simple for most experienced mechanics and car owners, and it is still easy to find everything in the Volvo 240 parts catalog, if you know where to shop. has everything you could ever need for your Volvo, whether you want to make upgrades or restore it. When a rare vehicle such as the Volvo 240 comes around, you want to make an effort to preserve it, and is here to help you do that with a wide selection of parts and great prices.

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Reviewer: A Great Place to shop online for auto parts

Parts Geek is the best online source I have found for Volvo parts. They provide quality products, quality service, and customer satisfaction. I ordered a left and right light board. Took care of my problem.

1991 Volvo 240 Tail Light PC Board

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This webite easy to manage purchase

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The Starla Exhaust system fit like a glove. Very satisfied. Thanks

1993 Volvo 240 Exhaust System Kit

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The Pimax W0133-1603672 power window regulator for the Volvo 240 was easy to install and shipping was very fast.

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1990 Volvo 240 Headlight Assembly