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Volvo is an automaker that strives to provide improved style and performance at an affordable price. Buying options that improve overall ride also improves performance in stormy conditions. Purchasing your parts from PartsGeek will make you feel like you have the inside scoop on the best parts in the business. Your Volvo 1800 ought to be kept in the best working order and maintained at need; that means choosing the best new parts. Purchasers who choose a Volvo 1800 realize that quality and elegance are well worth every penny; excellent accessories will keep your car in the best condition. To get the most satisfaction from your car or truck, you'll figure out that great parts create awesome performance - has those parts. Whether a big part or a small one, servicing your car or truck with first class parts is the smartest move in the long run.

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Volvo 1800

Perhaps the most familiar version of the Volvo 1800 for many people was the car's starring appearance on the 1960s television show The Saint. Also known as the Volvo P1800, this vehicle was a frequently seen car on the road during its production years from 1961 to 1973, but it would later be replaced by the Volvo 480. Other variations beyond the P1800 existed, but they were produced in limited quantities and for a short period of time. Though made in the 1960s, the Volvo 1800 has an excellent reliability record. The world record for highest mileage on a car went to a Volvo 1800 with nearly three million miles on its odometer. The owner claimed regular oil changes and maintenance by the dealer contributed to the car's longevity. The owner also likely had the dealer use genuine Volvo P1800 restoration parts. Needless to say, it was not only a well-cared for car but it was also a well-made vehicle.

The Volvo 1800 actually was preceded by the Volvo P1900, but by 1961, the 1800 was released to the public. This coupe that looked sporty and felt like a more comfortable riding vehicle was different from many of the other cars on the road at that time. It only had two seats and two doors, and propelled itself with rear wheel drive. Despites its racy appearance, the Volvo 1800 would never be a competitor to other sports cars on the road. It was more about style rather than speed. The engine had a 100 horsepower output from its 1800cc displacement, which is where the model got its name. Another significant component of the engine was the option for M41 gearbox, which offered overdrive that could top out the engine's speed at 110 miles per hour, but due to quirks in the gearing, cars that lacked overdrive could actually get to slightly higher speeds, almost 120 miles per hour.

By the early 1970s, the Volvo P1800 added an E to its name, which represented the electronic fuel injection engine. This submodel also offered numerous other upgrades from the previous 1800. The Volvo P1800E featured disc brakes on all four wheels, a first for this model line. It also offered higher speeds and better acceleration, but gas mileage remained respectable. In 1972, the last version of the vehicle, the P1800ES was introduced. This was essentially a station wagon version of the original coupe, and those who need Volvo P1800 body parts will likely need to specify whether the vehicle was a coupe or wagon. The 1800ES was the only 1973 model made as the coupe body had been discontinued the year before. After that year, Volvo turned its attention to the P1800's successor, the Volvo 480.

Though an older car, the Volvo 1800 has persisted throughout the years. If you own one of these cars, know that, with regular care, you could get several hundred thousand miles from the vehicle. To ensure such longevity, take care of your car with regular fluid changes and by using the right Volvo restoration parts. For those, has you covered. Make it your source for all your Volvo P1800 parts and accessories.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: 56Dodge p/u

I could'nt find an original type radiator cap anywhere except PartsGeek. It was a little pricey but I wanted the correct part. It came in 2 days too!

1972 Volvo 1800 Radiator

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: OEM at a great price

My restoration project has been a breeze when you can get parts for your car at a reasonable price, and delivery time excellent. For me, 3 or 4 days is excellent! And to get an OEM part that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg is also a PLUS!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Bob's Volvo

Perfect parts for a car whose parts are hard to find! Good show,Thanks.

Bob's Volvo

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: right part

authentic genuine Bosch correct part at great price, fast shipping,

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Bosch Fuel Pressure Regulator

Bosch fuel pressure regulator, part no W1033-1609412, arrived earlier than expected and worked as expected. The pressure setting was on spec and the adjustment nut was paint-marked indicating that it was tested and set at spec.

1973 Volvo 1800 Fuel Pressure Regulator

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: lonnie

Great product I will be purchasing more parts.

Thank you