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Lexus IS250 Replacement Wheel Information

To preserve the quality and comfort you selected with your Lexus IS250, it's important to install only the top names in OEM and upgrade auto parts. Your Lexus IS250 isn't merely a car, it's the way that the world sees you. Encase yourself in beauty, high-class and attractive style with the help of an enduring Lexus auto. Comfort-optimized cars including the plush Lexus IS250 are built to be driven carefully and then always maintained well. If an issue crops up or a system must be replaced, don't wimp out with a low-grade component. A Lexus IS250 is meant to have the correct car parts to come through with its full performance. If you drive a Lexus IS250, then you must know a thing or two about quality and luxury, and you also know that part of maintaining a luxury automobile is buying only the finest quality replacement parts. A minor investment in safety for your vehicle now will prevent big expense in the future. Your car's Lexus IS250 Wheels hold it off the roadway making it possible to drive. By reducing friction, Lexus IS250 Wheels make it practical for a car to move along the highway. Lexus IS250 Wheels come in a wide variety of types and materials, but steel is usually the most commonly-seen material. Your automobile's Lexus IS250 Wheel is a circular steel circle with a metal rim in the center engineered to spin on an axle. Trouble with your vehicle can be worrisome, but a business like will give you peace of mind.

Lexus IS250 Wheel They are available for the following Lexus IS250 years: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06. This part is also sometimes called Lexus IS250 Rims. We stock wheel parts for most Lexus models including ES300, IS300, ES350, SC430, ES330, RX350, GS300, RX300, IS350, GS350, GS430, LS400, GX470, RX330, LS460, GS400, LS430, CT200h, LX470, GX460, RX400h, SC400, GS450h, RX450h, HS250h, NX200t, SC300, ES300h, GS460, LX450, NX300, LX570, UX250h, ES250 and LS600h.

We stock these Wheel brands for the Lexus IS250: Action Crash.

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Research on Wheel for Lexus IS250

There are several reasons that you may need a new wheel or component for your Lexus IS250. You might have damaged the rim beyond repair or want to upgrade your wheels to something more luxurious. Though there are many options for wheels, you need to be sure that you are getting the right wheels for your Lexus.

Difference Between Rims and Wheels

Though many people use the terms interchangeably, they do have different meanings. Your Lexus IS250 rims are the exterior of the wheel, and the wheel is everything else. Think of the rim as the outer crust on a pizza, and wheel as the inner portion that has the toppings on it, and just like you can customize the toppings on your pizza, you can get parts for your Lexus to customize the wheels.

When Your Need New Wheels

One of the biggest reasons that someone needs new wheels is damage to the wheel. You don't have to get into an accident for your wheels to be severely damaged. Even driving over a deep pothole can bend your wheels. When driving, you may feel a vibration in one of your wheels. Pay close attention because it is something that some people can miss. If you think that you can just repair your bent wheel, take a careful look at it by seeing where the bend or break is. If anywhere around the lug holes is damaged, you will need to replace the wheel, and you might need a Lexus IS250 Wheel Alignment if the damage to your wheel knocked your alignment out. Check by briefly removing your hands from the steering wheel when on a straight, smooth stretch of road. If your vehicle pulls to either side, you should get a wheel alignment.

Price for New Wheels on a Lexus

When purchasing a new wheel, consider the other wheels on your car. All of the wheels should be the same size and material. For instance, a 2008 Lexus IS 250 wheel size and tire size is 17x8.0 inches, but 18x8.0 on the front and 18x8.5 on the rear was an option. Check your particular trim package for the size of the wheels. The price per wheel averages $150 for basic designs, but if you want custom wheels or a larger size, you need to replace all four wheels and expect to pay more for each. Installation, new tires, a wheel alignment, or any other parts or services will cost extra, depending on your mechanic's typical hourly rate.

Spend Less for Your Lexus Auto Wheel Replacement

New wheels on your Lexus can upgrade its appearance, but you don't have to pay premium prices for quality wheels. Shop online at for your new IS250 wheels to spend less while getting great parts for your car. You may also elect to change the wheel yourself, which can be done by most people who own a car jack, but consider taking your car to a mechanic if your Lexus needs replacement for a damaged wheel because it may also have other problems from the incident that bent to your wheel. Even if you opt for this choice, buying your own wheel can save you money on the repair.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Brian

Bought an is250 stock rims for the front left. Great item great price very satified

2006 Lexus IS250 Wheel

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Awesome

Exactly what was pictured and very clear as to what I was purchasing. Perfect match, thank you

2008 Lexus IS250 Wheel

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: so far so goo!

1/3 of the dealer's price. looks great and seems to have solved my problem. cant wait until the ice and snow goes away to make a better assessment.

2007 Lexus IS250 Wheel

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Gabe

Product was as explained. Arrived within the allocated time. Great service. Would definitely recommend them to my friends.

2009 Lexus IS250 Wheel

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Great Replica

I've purchased 3 of these in past 3 years. The problem with low profile tires is that if you get close to a curb, you don't have much of a rubber buffer and you get instant road rash on your rims. It's my wife's car, so you get the picture. These wheels look like the authentic set with a more durable coating. I'm thinking about buying another one, just cause they look so good and are perfect in structure. a fraction of the original cost.

2007 Lexus IS250 Wheel

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Doug

Great service, I received my order in just two days. Exactly what I wanted and at a great price.

2007 Lexus IS250 Wheel