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BMW 540i Replacement Water Pump Information

Does it make any sense to budget a big payment on a great comfortable luxury vehicle, only to cut corners on new aftermarket or OEM parts? Elegant cars like the finely crafted BMW 540i were meant to be used gently and also given needed repairs. To keep the resale value and luxury you chose with your BMW 540i, it's crucial to use only the best names in brand name OEM auto parts. A handsome BMW gives you an unbeatable power house plus a performance drivetrain. BMW makes cars that display the ultimate of luxury and performance wrapped in a secure and eye-catching design. Your BMW was created using the best quality and expertise; it ought to have new OEM components with a similar top level of reliability.

A BMW 540i Water Pump forces the coolant throughout the cooling system. Worn out BMW 540i Water Pumps result in slowed coolant movement and eventually brings about overheating. A BMW 540i Water Pump is an integral component of the cooling system that provides the force required to move the antifreeze. Car or truck enthusiasts who thrill over optimized car or trucks know that absolutely nothing is more vital than putting in the most outstanding replacement parts. Your car or truck is special because it has excellent performance and great style, and to keep it running in top form you'll want the best in top-notch parts and accessories. If you want a high level of satisfaction from your car or truck, you'll figure out that great parts are part of great performance - and we carry the quality parts right here. Sometimes the most difficult thing about repairing a car or truck is looking for a dependable source for outstanding parts. No matter whether you own a sporty coupe or everyday Detroit metal, we have all the aftermarket parts you are searching for right on site at

BMW 540i Water Pump They are available for the following BMW 540i years: 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1995, 1994, 03, 02, 01, 00, 99, 98, 97, 95, 94. This part is also sometimes called BMW 540i Water Pumps. We stock water pump parts for most BMW models including 335i, X5, 325i, 535i, 328i, 525i, 740iL, 530i, 528i, 750Li, X3, 745Li, 330i, 740i, 545i, 335xi, 535xi, 550i, 318i, 325xi, 335i xDrive, 328xi, 745i, Z3, M3, 135i, 323i, 330Ci, 535i xDrive, 325Ci, 330xi, 645Ci, 750i, Z4, X6, 2002, 750iL, 650i, 318ti and 525xi.

We stock these Water Pump brands for the BMW 540i: Hella, GMB, Geba, Graf, APA/URO Parts, US Motor Works, API and DIY Solutions.

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Research on Water Pump for BMW 540i

If the cooling system in your car isn't working, then the engine will overheat and the vehicle can break down. The water pump is what allows coolant to circulate. This mechanical device can fail, which is bad news unless you enjoy having an overheating situation and potential engine damage. Replacing a water pump in a BMW 540i is labor-intensive, but less expensive parts online can still cut down on what you spend on the day of repairs.

Know When It's Time for BMW E39 Water Pump Replacement

There are a few things to look for that indicate a water pump is about to fail. This part is designed to last a long time. A coolant leak at the front and center of your vehicle can mean a gasket or seal in the pump has failed. The green or red fluid will collect under the car. It is common for seals/gaskets to wear out, break, or start to dry up and crack. A whining sound can mean the belt driving the pump has come loose, which can be caused by a loose pulley or worn bearings. In this case, you will have to think about the BMW 540i water pump replacement cost. Other signs of a faulty water pump include an overheated engine and steam emanating from the radiator.

What Is a Water Pump in a Car?

The device is an impeller pump. Located on the side of the engine, under the timing belt cover, it is connected to a drive belt so the movement of this belt allows the pump to turn. Coolant passes through the interior of the device and is forced through by the blades. It then passes through the engine, to the radiator, and back to the pump again. Many BMW E39 water pump failure symptoms are due to a lack of coolant flow, so it is certainly one culprit if engine temperature is higher than normal.

How Long Does a Car's Water Pump Last?

A quality, original equipment device can still be running strong at 100,000 miles. It's important to find a good replacement pump when needed; a poor quality one may not even make it to 30,000 miles. Even if it costs a little more, investing in a quality pump will save you later on.

Cost of Replacing a BMW 540i Water Pump

It takes a bit of time and effort to access and replace a water pump, given its location. The part is generally under $250. Replacement of a 2001 BMW 54i water pump, however, can cost anywhere from $582 to $741, with as much as close to $500 in labor. The job can take a mechanic a few hours. Despite the labor-intensive bill, you can limit the amount you spend on the pump by getting one from Water pumps and other automotive parts and accessories are available exclusively from our online catalog. We therefore incur lower operating costs than brick and mortar suppliers, so the savings can be passed on to you in the form of more affordable BMW E38 water pump replacement.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: H. JAY

Good Part

1994 BMW 540i Auxiliary Water Pump

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: wayne

just what I needed at nearly the lowest price (within $10) Shipped when expected. Thanks

1995 BMW 540i Auxiliary Water Pump

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Laduce

I have purchased many parts from Parts Geeks and have found them to have the best prices. With free shipping included is an extra bonus. I also receive extra savings coupons.

Thanks Parts Geeks!

1997 BMW 540i Auxiliary Water Pump

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Gates Water Pump

Installed this water pump on my 2003 BMW 540i. Checked first with Gates Technical Support - they assured me composite material used in impeller would hold up. New BMW OEM water pump uses similar material for impeller. Previous one that I installed was a Meyle (German after market) that had a metal impeller - it lasted 55,000 miles before shaft seal went causing severe leaking and subsequent dry bearing noise.

2003 BMW 540i Water Pump

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Works great

The water pump comes with a metal impeller, my old one was making noise but this one is quiet and works well. I do suggest however, ordering a better gasket, the one that comes with it is cheap.

1999 BMW 540i Water Pump

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Profit8250

Nice price easy installation descent delivery time plus gaskets came with product o-rings also included.

1997 BMW 540i Water Pump