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Transportation Technology: Autos of the Future

From steam-powered trains to super high-speed trains, transportation technology has certainly already come a long way. Other than speed and power, fuel efficiency is a major concern in modern transportation. As the world population increases and resources decrease, there’s an urgent need to constantly look for new breakthroughs in transportation technology. Whether it’s solar power or fuel-cell technology, there’s much development in current automotive technology. Check out the following resources to find out more about the autos of the future.


  • Hybrid Technology: Provides information on the history, components, safety, types, and systems of hybrid cars.
  • Solar Car: The long-running project at Stanford University to build solar-powered racing vehicles.
  • Future Fuel Cells: An overview of the history, research, and development of fuel cell technology.
  • Future Cars: Dedicated to the future of car technology.


  • Truck Design: Analyses the evolution of modern truck design.
  • Idle Reduction: Provides information on the technologies used for idle reduction in sleeper berth trucks.
  • Cleaner Trucks: A report which suggests how consumption of truck fuel and pollution can be reduced by current technology.
  • All Electric Truck: News article about the unveiling of an all electric heavy duty truck.
  • ZAP: A leading producer of electric trucks and vehicles.


  • Flying on Hydrogen: Press release about successful testing of unmanned fuel cell aircraft by researchers at Georgia Tech.


  • New Approach: Discusses some of the problems and solutions of magnetically levitation train.
  • Bullet Train: Explains the technologies behind the Japanese Shinkansen.
  • Biodiesel Fuel: A study on the use of biodiesel fuel in a specific locomotive.
  • High Speed Trains: An overview of high speed trains in Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, and others.
  • Hydrogen Train: Offers some information about the first hydrogen train.


  • Bunker Fuel: Provides information on the fuel used in most ships.
  • Green Ship: An organization to reduce harmful emissions from ships.
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