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Jaguar S Type Replacement Thermostat Information

When in need of quality and superior performance, consumers won't be disappointed with an automobile crafted by Jaguar. When you buy a vehicle engineered for high performance it demands the best quality replacement parts. Top driving is a snap with factory authorized equipment made to function with the fuel system and suspension components. Once the Jaguar S Type Thermostat registers a fixed temperature, it triggers an internal valve in the radiator and liquid flows around your motor. A broken Thermostat has the potential to cause your automobile to overheat, which will eventually damage the engine. A Thermostat is generally found in between the car's radiator and engine and works as a valve. The Thermostat is an important part of a vehicle's coolant system that oversees your car's temperature. The Thermostat maintains ideal temperature by adjusting the coolant flow utilized by your engine. Use whenever you desire high quality auto and truck parts to be rewarded by our topnotch service and a good price year-round. The right parts are just a click away when you order from

Jaguar S Type Thermostat They are available for the following Jaguar S Type years: 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00. This part is also sometimes called Jaguar S Type Thermostats. We stock thermostat parts for most Jaguar models including XJ8, X Type, XF, Vanden Plas, XK8, XK, XJ6, XJS, XKR, XJR, XJ, XJ12, XKE, XE, Super V8, F-Pace, Mark VII, XK150, Mark IX, Mark X, Mark V, 3.8, 420, XK140, XJRS, D Type, XK120, 340, 2.4, 3.4, XKSS, Mark VIII and C Type.

We stock these Thermostat brands for the Jaguar S Type: Original Equipment, Genuine, Eurospare, Gates, Stant, Motorad and API.

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Research on Thermostat for Jaguar S Type

Your engine may be overheating without having radiator or cooling hose leaks. The problem could be a bad thermostat on your Jaguar S Type. Your thermostat is critical to regulating the temperature of the engine. When it gets stuck in a position, you'll notice problems with your engine's operating temperature. Instead of getting stuck on the side of the road from an overheating engine, find out how to replace a thermostat on a 2001 Jaguar S Type or whatever model year you drive.

What is the Thermostat on a Car?

The thermostat is a mechanical part that opens when the engine coolant reaches a certain temperature. When it fails to work properly, your engine could sustain serious damage. An overheated engine typically causes harm to the valve cover gasket, which costs thousands of dollars to replace due to the high labor costs. Without a thermostat, your engine would run at unsafe temperatures every time you operate your car.

Signs of Thermostat Problems

When your thermostat goes bad, there will be other symptoms than overheating. If the thermostat is stuck in the open position, your engine will run too cold. Your check engine light will come on and if you use the heater, only cold air will come out. Should your thermostat be stuck in the closed position, the engine will overheat. Performance typically suffers and your S Type's emissions likely will go up. These signs should prompt you to check a repair manual to find your 2002 Jaguar S Type's thermostat location. You'll need to consult a manual because your specific trim level and engine type will determine the location of the thermostat.

Cost to Replace a Thermostat

The price for a new thermostat is mostly labor. For instance, you could spend $277 to $400 for a 2000 Jaguar S Type thermostat replacement, but the thermostat itself is usually at most under a hundred dollars. This is also the typical mechanic's price range, and your location and the usual charges your mechanic has for labor will play into how much you'll spend for your new thermostat. If you always go to your Jaguar dealer, there is a high likelihood that you'll spend much more for both parts and labor. Since the cost is so dependent on labor fees, you can do certain things to save yourself some money.

How to Save Money on Replacing a Thermostat

Whether you need a 2000 Jaguar S Type 3.0 thermostat replacement or one for another model year, you can install the new thermostat yourself. The hardest part is getting to the thermostat. For the exact location, have a repair manual on hand. You can get the manual for your S Type as well as a new thermostat and other cooling system parts for much less at With the money savings from buying discounted new parts at and doing the installation yourself, you'll be able to get a new thermostat in your Jaguar for possibly hundreds less than you'd pay if you went to your Jaguar dealer.

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Reviewer: allyoop41

This is my second purchase from this firm and have been totally satisfied---will definitely buy from them in the future. Their prices are reasonable and they ship fast knowing you are in need of the part

2003 Jaguar S Type Thermostat Assembly

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Reviewer: Mike M.

I recently purchased this complete thermostat housing assembly for my 04 Jag S-type V-8 and the price , shipping and speed was excellent.The part was identical, it's great not having to deal with the dealer especially the Jag. Dealer Thanks...

2004 Jaguar S Type Thermostat Assembly

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Wow original part 20% of the price how can they do it great price and on time shipping fantastic

2004 Jaguar S Type Thermostat Assembly

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Great price on the thermostat assembly on the Internet.

2004 Jaguar S Type Thermostat Assembly

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The range of parts both brands and prices is a great advantage. I do my own repairs so being to get the correct parts for this very difficult make of car is great. The shipping was surprisingly fast. And the arrival of the parts is well packaged to protect the arriving parts from damage. I will use Parts Geek again.

2002 Jaguar S Type Thermostat

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We really appreciate your company for having the needed item which saved my pockets. Also it was shipped very quickly. Thnx again

2005 Jaguar S Type Thermostat Assembly