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In a world threatened by climate change and high pollution levels, it is important that we make the most environmentally friendly choices we can. A good way to start making your life a little more green is to consider your daily activities. Many people drive their car every day, whether heading to and from work, transporting children, or running errands. Automobiles and their pollution play a big role in our environment, and it's an easy fact to forget. One of the best steps an individual can take toward a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is to invest in a greener vehicle. There are many choices for environmentally friendly cars in the United States and abroad. Whether you are interested in a hybrid, electric, or otherwise, car manufacturers offer a wide variety of eco friendly vehicles for purchase. Whatever your needs, there is an environmentally friendly vehicle available that can work for you. An additional benefit of driving an energy efficient car is that you will likely spend less on gasoline in the future. With constantly changing process at the pumps, a little investment in a green vehicle now could save great sums of money in the long run. The links below will help you get started on looking into an automobile that meets your needs as well as the Earth's. You can begin your research into how certain types of cars work as well as reviews and recommendations on all different kinds of automobiles here.

Green Vehicle Guide: The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a helpful website on green vehicles.

Fuel Economy: A site by the U.S. Department of Energy that gives some insight on hybrids, electric vehicles, and other helpful information.

Drive Clean: This resource will help start your research on purchasing a car that will reduce your carbon footprint.

Greener Cars: A website with in depth car ratings considering fuel economy, tailpipe emissions, and other factors.

Green Cars/Hybrids Buying Guide: Choose from a variety of vehicle categories and review the top choices for saving money on gas and being kinder to the environment.

Green Vehicle Guide: Best vehicles by size class for 2014: North Carolina State University's NC Clean Energy Technology Center presents their review of the greenest vehicles by size class and fuel technology.

Green Vehicle Guide: The Australian Government presents a guide on vehicles to help Australians make better choices. There are guides for older models, electric vehicles, and even trucks.

Only Drive Green: This website offers a complete look at a variety of eco-friendly automobiles.

Electric Vehicle Guide: A site from The Sierra Club that presents a short quiz which could help you decide which green vehicle to purchase according to your needs and lifestyle.

The "Greenest" Cars for 2014: This article from Forbes presents their take on the best cars for the environment for 2014.

Eco Friendly Cars: Next Greencar provides a list of the most eco friendly cars in the UK for 2015. Search for new cars and look into how green your current car is.

Hybrid Cars: Learn more about hybrid cars at Eartheasy. There are reviews of a wide variety of hybrid vehicles, which can be a great choice for both you and the environment.

How Hybrid Cars and Trucks Work: The Union of Concerned Scientists gives detailed information on how hybrid vehicles work.

How Does an Electric Car Work: Learn about how an electric car works as well as some advantages of having an electric automobile.

How Does a Solar Electric Car Work: Solar energy is a great choice for the environment. Take a look at solar electric cars on this page.

Does an Electric Car Work for Me?: This website made for residents of New York City could help make in making a decision on an electric vehicle purchase for city dwellers.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles: An article from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that can educate you on how hybrid electric vehicles work.

History of Electric Cars: Electric vehicles are nothing new. This timeline from the Edison Tech Center gives a glimpse at the history of electric vehicles from 1821 to present day.

Electric Vehicles: This in depth article from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's College of Engineering and Computer Science will help you learn more about electric vehicles. Discover options for purchasing your next hybrid vehicle. There are many articles and guides available here.

Hybrid Cars: Car and Driver gives their information and advice on purchasing a hybrid car.

A Solar Powered Car?: This article by a University of California San Diego physics student gives an educated take on the potential of solar vehicles.

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