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Dodge Nitro Replacement Tail Light Information

If a problem crops up or a system must be fixed, don't economize with a low-quality component. That Dodge Nitro is meant to have efficiency-optimized auto parts to deliver its full performance. The Dodge Nitro is ready to succeed on any road, but needs first-rate quality replacement parts to drive to where you need to be. Comfortable but tough wilderness explorers such as the mountain-climbing Dodge Nitro are meant to handle all weathers and terrains in the suburbs or the mountains but in return they've got to have regular maintenance and rugged parts to keep on challenging life's rough terrain features. Dodge boasts a talent for jaunty styling that really stays contemporary, and the appearance is enhanced by great performance. For decades Dodge cars afford the most trusted rugged performance and comfort to vehicle shoppers. That Dodge in the garage was created with care and craftsmanship; it should have replacement parts with a similar top level of quality. Motorists improve the exterior of a car or truck using Dodge Nitro Tail Lights, since they can be bought in a diversity of designs. Your vehicle's Dodge Nitro Tail Light kit comes with braking lights, signal flashers, and also parking lights. A Dodge Nitro Tail Light is located at the back of your car. Almost nothing is more critical than the safety of yourself and those dear to you, so it's clear that repairing your vehicle with the best and most durable parts is crucial. The police require your vehicle to possess the required safety components, such as lights and brakes - save yourself from traffic tickets or avoidable accidents by installing the necessary parts and accessories. No one else can give you a better price for Dodge parts than we do. Servicing your beloved car or truck with premium quality parts should pay off, time after time. Swing by PartsGeek every time you want high quality automobile parts and receive excellent customer service and a great price day in, day out.

Dodge Nitro Tail Light They are available for the following Dodge Nitro years: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07. This part is also sometimes called Dodge Nitro Taillights. We stock tail light parts for most Dodge models including Ram 1500, Grand Caravan, Dakota, Ram 2500, Durango, Caravan, Ram 3500, Charger, Journey, D150, D250, Caliber, Sprinter 2500, W250, Neon, W150, Ramcharger, Avenger, Challenger, D100, B250, D350, Sprinter 3500, Stratus, B350, W350, B2500, Dart, B150, Ram 1500 Van, Ram 3500 Van, B3500, W100, Magnum, B1500, D50, Ram 2500 Van, B200, Ram 50 and B100.

We stock these Tail Light brands for the Dodge Nitro: Action Crash, Dorman, DIY Solutions, Brock and TYC.

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Research on Tail Light for Dodge Nitro

You stop, but does the driver behind you know that you did? If you have one or more tail lights on your Dodge Nitro that are not working, you could cause an accident. The tail lights constitute all the lights on the back of your Nitro. They generally are red because red sends a clear warning signal and it does not confound night vision. Whether you need new light covers or if you have a Dodge Nitro brake light problem, you need to install a new light to keep from getting into an accident.

Types of Tail Lights

There are a couple of different types of tail lights on your Dodge. The brake lights are designed to light up when you hit the brakes. There is one in the middle of the back of the vehicle, and the two tail lights on either corner act as brake lights. The tail lights will also illuminate anytime you drive with your lights on. This lets other drivers know where you are on the road. The tail lights are red with a white bar on the bottom, which will light when you back up. It's white because the headlights on your Dodge are white, and other drivers know that when they see white lights, it means that a vehicle is moving towards them. Should any of these lights stop working, you need to fix it. You will not only prevent an accident but also avoid a ticket.

Problems with Tail Lights

You could experience several issues that may cause the tail lights to not work. Your Dodge Nitro tail light covers may be damaged or have condensation inside. Moisture inside the tail light assembly is not good because it can cause the light bulb to stop working from a short. Cracked light covers also allow some of the white light from the bulb inside to shine through, which could affect the night vision of other drivers behind you. Just like any other light, you eventually will need to replace your Dodge Nitro tail light bulbs. Over time, they will burn out from the filament getting used up, which is what happens with standard incandescent bulbs, like those you use in your home. Occasionally, there isn't a problem with the bulb or the fuse. If this happens, you will need a new fuse. Search for a compatible part to your light fuse by looking up your model year. For instance, you might search for 2007 Dodge Nitro brake light fuse to ensure that you get the correct fuse for your Nitro.

Cost for a New Tail Light

If you need a new tail light or bulb, the bulbs are generally cheaper, but if there is also damage to the cover, you should replace the entire assembly. The list price for a new 2007 Dodge Nitro tail light replacement is $102, and this is usually the cost for the parts a dealer will charge you. You will also have to pay the dealer or mechanic a fee for the labor, increasing your overall cost. You don't have to pay the full list price for your tail light assembly. Discounted prices are easy to find, if you know where to look.

Where to Get Discounted Prices for Tail Lights

Shop on line for the best deals on your Dodge Nitro tail lights. is a great place to start when you want parts to fit on your vehicle without spending a lot of money. For compatible parts and great deals, is the place to go.

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