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Dodge Dakota Replacement Tail Light Information

Flexible wilderness explorers including the hill-busting Dodge Dakota were meant for rough use in the city or on the road but they must have effective maintenance and quality parts to continue dominating those rugged hills. When a problem develops or a component needs to be fixed, don't scrimp with an unreliable part. That Dodge Dakota needs the right parts to meet all challenges with its full performance. When you selected the Dodge, you selected a car of exceptional characteristics and outstanding looks; you want to protect that investment by using only the right parts. Dodge vehicles deliver tons of horsepower and tenacity to get the work done right with style and agility. Dodge is a reliable producer of tough and long lasting cars that also include innovative design and American heritage. When what's important is reliability and performance, vehicle buyers can be content with a durable van manufactured by Dodge. The Dodge Dakota Tail Light is a necessary safety element, increasing increased visibility after sundown or during poor conditions. These units commonly integrate the purpose of brake lights and directional flashers into a single device; they can contain a hazard signal as well. Your car's Dodge Dakota Tail Lights must be switched out at such time as the glass is broken or the lantern stops working. Escape disproportionate danger when traveling by checking that your car or truck has the safety components that you desire. No matter the part, heaters and defrosters to control arms, fixing your car or truck with top quality parts is the smartest move in the long run. Buying a Dodge is an intelligent choice, now keeping it in great shape is even more sensible! Sometimes the most frustrating thing about maintaining a vehicle is searching for a dependable source of quality parts. Use every time you require the best quality auto and truck parts and be rewarded by our outstanding service and a competitive price with every order.

Dodge Dakota Tail Light They are available for the following Dodge Dakota years: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1988, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95, 94, 93, 92, 88. This part is also sometimes called Dodge Dakota Taillights. We stock tail light parts for most Dodge models including Ram 1500, Grand Caravan, Ram 2500, Durango, Caravan, Ram 3500, Nitro, Charger, Journey, D150, D250, Caliber, Sprinter 2500, W250, Neon, W150, Ramcharger, Avenger, Challenger, D100, B250, D350, Sprinter 3500, Magnum, Stratus, W350, B350, B150, W100, Dart, Ram 1500 Van, D50, B2500, Ram 3500 Van, B200, B3500, B1500, Ram 50, Ram 2500 Van and B100.

We stock these Tail Light brands for the Dodge Dakota: Action Crash, Dorman, Anzo, DIY Solutions, Brock and TYC.

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Research on Tail Light for Dodge Dakota

The tail light is not something we think much about - until one dark night, we see flashing blue and red lights in the rear view mirror, then have to pull over and explain ourselves to a local constable or a state trooper. True, they'll usually just issue a warning or at worst, a citation demanding that the problem be fixed, but it can still be a hassle - as well as dangerous. The 1997 Dodge Dakota tail light and those of subsequent model years combine turn signals, stop indicators and backup lights, so if you need a Dodge Dakota tail light replacement, don't put it off. Even if it's just cracked or broken Dodge Dakota tail light covers, you should have it fixed ASAP. The good news is, this is generally an inexpensive repair.

A Bit of Automotive History

The modern, gasoline-powered automobile itself was invented in 1886, about the same time that society's buildings were transitioning from gas lighting to electric lighting. However, there were some problems with equipping automobiles with electric lights, part of which had to do with the dynamo (an early form of generator and predecessor to the alternator); there wasn't one small enough to fit into an engine compartment. As a result, early automotive lighting consisted of either oil-fueled lanterns or gaslights, similar to those used in the home. For example, the first Ford Model T had headlights that burned acetylene gas - while the one taillight (cars didn't have two taillights until the late 1930s) burned lamp oil and had to be lit manually. Eventually, there was a dynamo developed that was practical for automotive applications, which generated direct current (today's alternators generate alternating current, as its name implies). What is interesting from a historical standpoint is that rear dual taillights with turn indicators weren't made a legal requirement until after World War 2 - and it took an international convention to determine that they should emit red light.

When a Dodge Dakota Tail Light Replacement Is Called For

When a tail light is non-operational, it might be as simple as a Dodge Dakota tail light bulb replacement. Usually however, the first thing you will want to check is the Dodge Dakota tail light fuse. That is usually a cheap and easy repair, as fuses cost around twenty cents. Later models may use LED bulbs, however. If those aren't working, it's likely to be a problem with the wiring, so you may have to have it professionally diagnosed. If that is the case, there is no cause for despair: there are many sources on the World Wide Web that can guide you through the repair process.

How Much Will It Cost, Man?!?

Calm down, Sparky - take a breath. As repairs go, a Dodge Dakota tail light replacement is one of the least expensive parts to buy. In fact, at, you can get a really good quality 2002 Dodge Dakota tail light for well under $30. That is a web site well worth checking out because of its generous discount pricing.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: TheUdderGuy

I ordered the part, paid for and received it as expected, nothing good or bad happened.

1995 Dodge Dakota Tail Light Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Steve A

Ok people if you need a replacement part for your car, if you don't buy it here your lazy. Best price. On the net. Low shipping cost and ground delivery was the quickest I've ever had plus the part I ordered was exactly what I needed and had pictured in my mind. The geeks at geek parts are the real deal. Thanks you Geeks. S. A.

2002 Dodge Dakota Tail Light Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: light end

Light looked exactly like stock one at half the price. Could only tell if you got real close-the fit was .5mm off a supper snug fit.Suppose a full price OEM one wouldn't have that but you really have to look very very close.

Shipping was fastest I have ever experienced!

2003 Dodge Dakota Tail Light Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Judy

Your website was easy to order from, even for me and I don't know much about vehicles. The right part was delivered promptly and your price was a savings over the regular retail price. Thank you.

2005 Dodge Dakota Tail Light Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: 2003 Dodge Dakota Action Crash Tail Light Assembly - Left - Driver Side

This is the same part that was broken. It was cheaper than going to the u pick it salvage yard. They wanted $50.00

2003 Dodge Dakota Tail Light Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Jordan

matched great,installed in minutes

2001 Dodge Dakota Tail Light Assembly