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Dodge Caliber Replacement Struts Information

Steering a car from Dodge ensures quality and makes your daily drive safe, relaxing and satisfying. When you go with a smooth running Dodge, you drive with confidence. Family drivers need a car that gives you a comfortable ride and reliability and safety; obviously you picked a great performer like the suburb-friendly Dodge Caliber. It's not surprising that safety-conscious vehicle owners like you know how to get the most quality at a reasonable price when buying Dodge Caliber car parts. The Dodge Caliber has always been a super family car - help it stay in top condition and safe for you and your family by installing high-quality auto components. Your Dodge was assembled with care and skill; it ought to have new replacement or OEM components of the same top level of reliability. Dodge Caliber Struts are quite reliable but the internal coil part can fail, involving replacing the complete component. MacPherson-type struts are the most common variety utilized in vehicle suspension systems, and combine the shock absorber and a spring in one component. Dodge Caliber Struts integrate the purpose of a shock and lateral support; this removes any necessity for an upper suspension arm. Great capability and road performance depend on top-notch parts and accessories. Your car is an investment due to its great performance and awesome style, and to keep it purring along in top condition you want the acme in replacement parts and accessories. Each Dodge already makes a statement ¬?? make it a singular one with our selection of distinctive parts. Whether it's the Struts or your Harmonic Balancer, fixing a vehicle with first class parts is the best investment over time. For outstanding service from your car or truck, you'll figure out that great parts are part of awesome performance - carries the parts you need.

Dodge Caliber Struts They are available for the following Dodge Caliber years: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07. This part is also sometimes called Dodge Caliber Shock. We stock struts parts for most Dodge models including Grand Caravan, Charger, Stratus, Ram 1500, Caravan, Dakota, Neon, Journey, Intrepid, Avenger, Dart, Sprinter 2500, Magnum, Challenger, Durango, Sprinter 3500, Nitro, Stealth, Spirit, Shadow, Dynasty, Omni, Daytona, Colt, SX 2.0, 600, Rampage, 2000 GTX, Aries, 400, Mini Ram and Lancer.

We stock these Struts brands for the Dodge Caliber: Replacement, KYB, Monroe, Moog, Gabriel, Unity, API, TRQ and Sachs.

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After a couple of thousand miles, you will notice that your Dodge Caliber Struts will start wearing out, while the signs might not be obvious, you might start noticing poor comfortability ride or lack of proper control while making sharp turns or braking. However, if you can't tell if your Dodge Caliber Struts are wearing out, you don't need to panic, the warning signs are pretty easy to notice, and it wouldn't take a scientist to point them out. You need to understand that the main function of your strut is to keep your Dodge Caliber balanced on a flat road. Another easy sign to detect is when your car continuously bounces as if you were on a roller-coaster ride. While struts are considered long lasting vehicle component by most auto dealers and experienced mechanics, they often wear out after some time.


Struts are a suspension component of your Dodge Caliber that hold the body of your car off the ground. Therefore, in case you were to remove your Dodge Caliber Struts, your car would fall on the ground. The struts in your vehicle are composed of a variety of parts that include the coil springs and the shock absorber, while at the same time offering support to the suspension springs. The main function of your vehicle struts is to act as a shock absorber to support the weight of your Dodge Caliber and to ensure that you have a smooth ride. Shocks and struts at times can be used interchangeably, but you also need to understand their differences because most cars come with struts at the front and shocks in the rear. The most important function of the shock is to absorb the bumps when you hit a bump.


While there is no definite time documented when you should replace your shocks, most manufacturers recommended that you replace them after every 50,000 miles while some auto dealers and expert mechanics recommend that you get them replaced after 100,000 miles. However, it's advisable to have them checked out during regular car service, that way; your mechanic will be able to notice any warning signs that are related to wear and tear.

Some of the warning signs that will show that your struts need replacing will include poor handling of your vehicle and turn ability. In case you notice a leakage of hydraulic oil from the struts, you need to get them replaced. Another method you can use to check is by pushing the hood of your car down if it continuously bounces and does not settle immediately, that's a sign that you need to get them replaced.


The average costs for your Dodge Caliber Struts replacement (front) are between $415 and $741. The labor costs are estimated between $287 and $409 while the parts are estimated at $128 and $332. When it comes to purchasing the components, it's advisable to buy from a trusted online retailer. are an exclusive online auto parts and accessories retailer meaning there is no overhead cost translating into substantial savings for our clients.

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Reviewer: jrighter

lowest price of any major parts store

2007 Dodge Caliber Strut Assembly

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the parts where cheap and the order got here on time was very happy

2007 Dodge Caliber Strut Assembly

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very satisfied easy to install made the ride of the car alot smoother

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very satisfied easy to install made the ride of the car very smooth now

2009 Dodge Caliber Strut Assembly

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I purchased all four struts for my 2007 Dodge Caliber. Everything was stated up front, no guessing. Shipping was much faster then expected and then other companies that I have used for my business.

I will be using again, great experience!!

2007 Dodge Caliber Strut Assembly

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Reviewer: KYB Strut

I was impressed with the overall quality of the strut.

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