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Chevrolet Aveo Replacement Struts Information

Other compacts can't match the unique styling of the beautiful genuine Chevrolet, and competitors aren't as finely made. Since you selected a smooth running Chevrolet, you're driving with pride. Fuel-efficient cruisers such as the ergonomically-designed Chevrolet Aveo were designed to be kept in top condition so they can keep on showing outstanding levels of economy. Fuel efficiency comes at the cost of providing maintenance, as your Chevrolet Aveo requires top quality replacement parts to keep running at top efficiency. If an issue crops up or a system needs to be fixed, that's not the time to save with a low-quality component. That Chevrolet Aveo needs the correct parts to function at peak efficiency. That Chevrolet in the garage was put together using the best care and skill; it needs new OEM components of a similar high level of quality. MacPherson-type struts are the most usual kind installed in car suspension systems, and integrate the shock absorber with a spring in one single part. Chevrolet Aveo Struts are extremely rugged but the interior shock absorbing component can fail, thus requiring removing the entire component. Because Chevrolet Aveo Struts provide both absorption of shock in addition to lateral support, they must be significantly larger and stiffer than a typical shock absorber. First-rate capability and automotive performance are supported by high-quality parts and accessories. Your car has a place in your heart because of its excellent performance and great style, and to have it purring along in its best shape you'll need the ultimate in top-notch parts and accessories. Purchasing a Chevrolet was an intelligent choice, now maintaining it in great shape is even smarter! No matter whether you drive an exotic sports car or a station wagon, we have the accessories you are looking for right here. To get outstanding satisfaction from your car or truck, remember that good parts are part of awesome performance - sells those quality parts right here.

Chevrolet Aveo Struts They are available for the following Chevrolet Aveo years: 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04. This part is also sometimes called Chevrolet Aveo Shock. We stock struts parts for most Chevrolet models including Malibu, Impala, Equinox, Cobalt, Silverado 1500, HHR, Trailblazer, Cavalier, Traverse, Monte Carlo, Camaro, Tahoe, Uplander, Prizm, Lumina, Suburban 1500, Venture, Avalanche, Cruze, Colorado, Trailblazer EXT, Tracker, Sonic, Classic, Aveo5, Impala Limited, Metro, Suburban, Volt, Captiva Sport, Spark, Corsica, Trax, Caprice, Beretta, Nova, Celebrity, Lumina APV, Silverado 1500 Classic and Cruze Limited.

We stock these Struts brands for the Chevrolet Aveo: Monroe, KYB, FCS Automotive, Gabriel, Unity, API, TRQ and AC Delco.

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Research on Struts for Chevrolet Aveo

If a smooth ride is what you are used to, bad struts can yield a big surprise. The struts are central to your car's suspension system. They take the brunt of the forces and bumps on the road. Although they are designed for this, time and wear take their toll and eventually you're going to feel the difference. Replacement struts will restore your ride, but it's important to recognize the signs of a problem before things get too bad.

What Is the Strut Assembly?

The struts for a 2009 Chevy Aveo typically feature a shock absorber and a spring coil. A shock consists of a piston within a cylinder, which moves up and down with the car. Oil or other lubricant may be inside, which the piston moves against. The coil provides extra support, especially in the front of the vehicle which bears the brunt of the forces, and has the weight of the engine on top of everything else.

Common Strut Problem Symptoms

Strut problems should be addressed quickly before they lead to other issues. Unless you go for Chevy Aveo Strut replacement, your ride will be rocky and the tires can lose contact with the ground. Premature tire wear is a common sign of bad struts. You may also notice the rear of the vehicle dipping when you accelerate, and the front end may tilt downward with braking, depending on where the problem strut is. If your vehicle dives forward when you hit the brakes, you may need 2005 Chevy Aveo front struts. Any of these issues may be accompanied by excess noise. No matter what, Chevy Aveo strut problems should not be ignored. They can make your ride unsafe and even lead to engine damage.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Struts on a Car?

It depends on the type of car you drive. The brand of struts and your location affect the final cost as well. Struts by themselves are not exorbitant. For a front strut/shock absorber in a 2005 Aveo, it'll cost $330 to $416. Both sides can run in excess of $700 to replace. Chevy Aveo rear shock replacement can be around $200 for one side and close to $350 for both sides. Labor drives the cost much higher than what you'd pay for parts alone, as there's much work involved getting to them, and struts are almost always replaced in pairs. Labor alone can be over $300.

Paths to Savings on Struts

Your 2009 Chevy Aveo strut problems don't always have to break the bank. The parts can be found for less by searching with online suppliers. While convincing your mechanic to charge less for labor may not be an option, you do have control of where you buy your struts. offers not just savings, but also a simple and fast way to find what you need. Our overhead is low, since all our automotive parts/accessories are sold via the web. The savings are passed down to the customer, so needed parts are available at prices that are more affordable than almost anywhere else.

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Reviewer: Great Place to buy car parts!

I always buy my parts from parts geek because they have the best prices!

2007 Chevrolet Aveo Strut Assembly

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Reviewer: Fast service

It was delivered within a week. The parts were packaged so they didn't come out of the box. I don't know about how they work, the mechanic said I didn't need them. Usually I go to Tires Plus for my tires, and they said I needed struts because my tires were cupping. But the parts were new and in excellent condition

2009 Chevrolet Aveo Strut Assembly

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Reviewer: Fast service excell entry condition

Delivered within a week and packaged well, and in excellent condition

2009 Chevrolet Aveo Strut Assembly

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Reviewer: Perfect fit for 06

Tried purchasing front right strut from local dealer and received wrong side and no coil. Ordered from Parts Geek and product arrived quickly and a perfect match with install in less than 10 minutes. Thanks Parts Geek and have already recommended you to friends.

2006 Chevrolet Aveo Strut and Coil Spring Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Perfect Fit - 3 day delivery

My left strut was leaking and was original OEM part. Changed both struts. Very satisfied. My mechanic had recommended getting struts with the coil assembly. For a few dollars more it was worth it.

2007 Chevrolet Aveo Strut and Coil Spring Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Perfect fit - 3 day delivery

My left strut was leaking. Changed both struts. Very satisfied. My mechanic had recommended getting struts with the coil assembly. For a few dollars more it was worth it.

2007 Chevrolet Aveo Strut and Coil Spring Assembly