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BMW 330xi Replacement Struts Information

To preserve the high value and style you made an investment in with your BMW 330xi, it's key to use only the best names in brand name parts. Luxurious sedans like the nicely made BMW 330xi are made to be used carefully and also serviced and maintained. Would it make sense to lay out a large payment on a great, stylish luxury car, if you plan to be a skinflint with replacement components and parts? For many years car owners have put faith in the durable construction of BMW and treasured the elegance afforded by this company. For choosy consumers with top-shelf tastes BMW automobiles afford sleek designs and exalted value. Your BMW was created using care and skill; it ought to get new parts with a similar high level of value. Auto enthusiasts who revel in performance vehicles recognize that nothing is more vital than installing the most outstanding new parts for your car. Protect your vehicle's systems by buying the best high-quality components. BMW 330xi Struts unite the role of a shock absorber and lateral support; this eliminates the requirement for the upper suspension arm. Your car's BMW 330xi Struts act as a dampener just like shock absorbers do, however they also act as support for the vehicle's suspension. If your BMW 330xi Struts become damaged, it will have an adverse effect on your vehicle's handling, tires and brakes. Your BMW certainly makes a statement ... make it an unforgettable one with our many choices of aftermarket vehicle parts. When you have any questions about our parts, our customer support team members can be reached by telephone or by e-mail. No matter whether you drive an exotic sports car or everyday Detroit metal, we have the aftermarket parts you have to have right here at

BMW 330xi Struts They are available for the following BMW 330xi years: 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01. This part is also sometimes called BMW 330xi Shock. We stock struts parts for most BMW models including 325i, 328i, X5, 528i, 325xi, X3, 525i, 530i, 740iL, 328xi, Z3, 323i, 330i, 328i xDrive, Z4, 540i, 740i, M3, 530xi, 330Ci, 535i, 335i, 318i, 325Ci, 645Ci, 750Li, 545i, 550i, 535xi, 528i xDrive, 745i, 323is, 745Li, 325is, 2002, 318is, 650i, 535i xDrive, 525xi and 318ti.

We stock these Struts brands for the BMW 330xi: Bilstein, API and Sachs.

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Research on Struts for BMW 330xi

Struts are a common feature in today's suspension systems, some though not all vehicles have both shocks and struts. Some vehicles have shocks only others have struts only. Struts consist of a coil spring whose purpose is to support the vehicle's weight. A strut housing that provides structural support for the entire assembly and a damping unit which is usually a shock that controls spring suspension and movement. The bottom of the strut is connected to the steering knuckle, while the top is connected to the body via the upper strut mount. The upper strut mount acts as a replacement for the upper control arm, control arm pivot shaft, upper ball joint as well as the control arm bushing.

How You Know it's Time to Replace Your Struts

There are a number of signs that will indicate your suspension system needs to be checked. Your vehicle will roll and sway when you are taking turns. The front end of your vehicle will nose dive when you hit the brakes. The rear end squats when you are accelerating, your vehicle will sway from side to side on winding rough roads, and your vehicle will also bottom out when you are taking on those bumps.

Worn struts will also take a toll on your tires, causing uneven wearing. Regular preventive checkups should be conducted to prevent reaching a situation where your struts are totally worn out. This can be done at every oil change and what to look out for is; leaks on the strut housing, dents on the shock or strut, worn out rubber bushings, crushed rubber bumpers due to bottoming out, uneven wearing of tires and pitted piston rods. If your ride is the 2006 BMW Xi, you can check for this on the 2006 BMW 330xi shocks as well as struts.

Replacing Those BMW 330 Xi Struts

You do not have to wait until your struts are failed for you to perform a replacement. At around 50,000 miles they may be advancing to the end or may have already reached the end of their useful life. It is recommended that struts be replaced in pairs, because if one is worn the other is most likely facing the same fate. A 2006 BMW 330xi front shocks as well as a 2006 BMW 330xi strut replacement will cost you between $663 and $951 while a 2006 BMW 330xi rear shocks will cost you between $303 to $416. Always remember to conduct a full inspection of your suspension so that all repairs are conducted at once to save on labor costs. A four wheel alignment is also a necessary procedure after replacing your struts.

How often should you replace your shocks?

You can make it a habit to replace your shocks at 50,000 miles. However, you can always look out for signs that will indicate your shocks are worn. Nose diving when you are braking, bottoming out when you are taking on the bumps, the side sways as well as the rear squats when you are accelerating are some of the things to look out for. For the best deals on all automobile parts and accessories visit

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Jim Mar

Bought a pair, shipped to me on time

2006 BMW 330xi Strut Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Jim Martin

Perfect fit, shipped on time.

2006 BMW 330xi Strut Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: good buy

I look all over the internet for struts for my car . I try partsgeek and I got the best price on the internet.

2006 BMW 330xi Strut Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Perfect fit for the 330XI

Finding reasonably-priced products for the 330XI is almost impossible. Thankfully this is a perfect fit at the right price. I've had this installed (along with the front left assembly) just about a week or so and the performance is exceptional thus far.

2006 BMW 330xi Strut Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Perfect fit for the 330XI

Finding reasonably-priced products for the 330XI is almost impossible. Thankfully this is a perfect fit at the right price. I've had it installed just about a week or so and the performance is exceptional thus far.

2006 BMW 330xi Strut Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Sean O.

Great replacement strut. Shipped quickly ata. Great price considering it was actually in stock, unlike other web stores.

2006 BMW 330xi Strut Assembly