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Ford F150 Replacement Steering Rack Information

The steering unit in your Ford F150 system works through what's called a rack-and-pinion system. The steering wheel itself attaches to a steering shaft that ends in a specialized ratchet called a pinion. This pinion interfaces with the gears of a perpendicularly oriented steering rack. The steering rack ends with a tie rod that's attached to the wheels themselves to help them turn. You can buy a replacement steering rack for your Ford F150 at

When your steering rack begins to malfunction, you'll find yourself having to keep a tighter grip upon your steering wheel in order to drive your Ford 150 in a straight line. Your steering wheel won't spring back to after you turn it. In many cases, you will also hear a grinding or thudding noise coming from the wheels. Your tires will also show unusual signs of wear.

Ford F150 Steering Rack They are available for the following Ford F150 years: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04. This part is also sometimes called Ford F150 Steering Racks. We stock steering rack parts for most Ford models including Mustang, Explorer, Focus, Taurus, Fusion, Ranger, Mustang II, Escape, Windstar, Expedition, Crown Victoria, Thunderbird, Five Hundred, Explorer Sport Trac, Edge, Aerostar, Escort, Freestyle, Transit Connect, Taurus X, Freestar, Flex, Pinto, Contour, Aspire, Probe, Tempo, Police Interceptor Utility, Festiva, Fiesta, Granada, Explorer Sport, Fairmont, F150 Heritage, LTD and EXP.

We stock these Steering Rack brands for the Ford F150: Replacement, A1 Cardone, Atlantic Automotive Eng., Dorman, BBB Industries and ContiTech.

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Research on Steering Rack for Ford F150

A workhorse such as your Ford F-150 pickup truck needs reliable steering. The steering rack is what controls how the movement of the steering wheel is translated into wheel response. If it develops problems such as leaks or damage then the vehicle can become difficult to handle. That is a danger to you and other drivers. Restore the integrity and value of your truck by replacing the steering rack less expensively, thanks to suppliers selling parts exclusively online.

How to Know Ford F-150 Rack and Pinion Replacement Is Coming

Wandering can put you, passengers, other drivers, and your cargo at risk. If the steering rack is going bad, your truck will sway at low and high speeds. It might seem like the wheels are out of alignment, but the wear pattern will be limited to the outside or inside of the tires, rather than everywhere. Also, the steering wheel might shake, or there might be a numb spot in the steering mechanism. You might find lacking response when the wheel is in or near the center position. Malfunctioning parts tend to make knocking, thudding, or clunking sounds as well, so you'll hear a lot of noise if the steering rack is failing. Fluid leaks are also possible.

How Hard Is It to Replace a Steering Rack?

If you need 2007 Ford F-150 rack and pinion replacement, it's not a job an inexperienced individual can do easily. Lots of safety precautions have to be taken. The vehicle must be jacked up on a level surface. A lot of connections and parts, such as the wheels, tie rods, power steering lines, and mounting bolts have to be removed. Although there are just a few key steps, special tools are required and it is important to understand how all the parts work and interact. Completing 2005 F-150 rack and pinion replacement should therefore be done at a shop, by a professional mechanic.

What Is the Power Steering Rack?

A power steering rack works like a traditional rack and pinion, except it has a pump that pushes high pressure hydraulic fluid throughout the system when you turn the steering wheel. The wheel, and rack, can turn more effortlessly. This system adds seals, O-rings, and hoses to the assembly, along with the traditional steering column that attaches to the rack and moves it with a pinion. Replacing this large and complex component and its connections is complex and challenging.

Ford F-150 Rack and Pinion Steering Replacement Cost

Correcting Ford F-150 rack and pinion problems requires paying for the part, which can go for $500, $600, or higher. A 2005 Ford F-150 rack and pinion leak is most often only correctable by replacing the entire system. Shop labor for this kind of work can be several hundred dollars. You can save by getting the parts online at Our automotive parts and accessories are sold exclusively on the web, cutting out many operating expenses. We can therefore enable you to save cash and restore your trucks normal steering without breaking the bank.

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Reviewer: Rick

Fit good , shipped fast good part

2007 Ford F150 Steering Rack

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The Dorman steering shaft for my F150 was $120.00 cheaper then at the autoparts box store!

2006 Ford F150 Steering Rack

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Ordered and installed a Dorman lower steering shaft. Shipping was fast and the part was a good fit. I do lots of business with Partsgeek and I'm very satisfied!

2006 Ford F150 Steering Rack

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Part was just as advertised fast shipping and fast refund of core charge

2006 Ford F150 Steering Rack

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Replacing the steering rack on my truck was something I knew I could tackle. After checking several sources for prices Parts Geek was hands down the cheapest I found in my area by 100 dollars. The savings were cut down in half with paying to ship the part back. Saving 50 bucks is always nice.

I have had the steering rack in four about a month now with no issues. Everything seems to be working perfectly.

2008 Ford F150 Steering Rack

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Reviewer: Best Prices Hands Down!!

When it comes to bargain shopping, I've been called a "Professional". I always do my research, never buy the first product I see, and always compare prices from at least 3 different brands/retailers. Without any questioning of fine print reading, Parts Geek (whom I had never heard of) was by a landslide, the cheapest prices on the web. "Thank" you and I will most definitely be doing business with them again!

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