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Mercedes C240 Replacement Spark Plug Wires Information

Is it smart to fork over a large sum for a great luxury vehicle, and then be a skinflint with new aftermarket or OEM auto parts? To keep the style and elegance you bought with your Mercedes C240, it's important to select only the most reliable new OEM parts. High-status cars such as your well-appointed Mercedes C240 are intended to be used with consideration and then maintained well. A magnificent Mercedes always delivers an efficient engine and a supple suspension. Top of the line carmaker Mercedes is renowned for designing rides that offer refined styling and unmatched innovation. The Mercedes you chose was made with the highest quality and craftsmanship; it should have new replacement or OEM parts with a similar top level of reliability. Your Mercedes C240 Spark Plug Wires are high-voltage wires that supply the spark to the plugs. Mercedes C240 Spark Plug Wires are required to deliver electrical power from the coils to your plugs. When the plastic insulation on the Mercedes C240 Spark Plug Wires becomes damaged, it might cause a loss of electrical charge and the spark plugs might not spark correctly. People who thrill over optimized vehicles know that absolutely nothing is more crucial than having the most outstanding replacement parts. Outstanding horsepower and road performance are dependent on high-quality parts and accessories. To keep your Mercedes humming along, be certain you get the best Mercedes parts from a dependable source. Since you would not consider anything other than a Mercedes when you selected your car or truck, why settle for anything other than stellar parts and support? Whether you drive a convertible or a station wagon, we have the parts you are searching for here at

Mercedes C240 Spark Plug Wires They are available for the following Mercedes C240 years: 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01. This part is also sometimes called Mercedes C240 Ignition Wire. We stock spark plug wires parts for most Mercedes models including E320, ML320, S500, S430, C280, ML430, CLK430, SL500, C230, 300E, 380SL, CLK320, E500, 560SL, 500SL, E430, C320, ML500, 190E, E55 AMG, SLK230, 420SEL, S320, 450SL, ML350, E420, CLK500, S420, 400E, 300SE, 560SEL, C220, CLS500, 500SEL, 300SL, 300CE, 500E, S55 AMG, SLK320 and CL500.

We stock these Spark Plug Wires brands for the Mercedes C240: Bosch, Prenco, Bremi, OPParts, Karlyn, Beck Arnley, NGK, United Automotive, API and DIY Solutions.

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Research on Spark Plug Wires for Mercedes C240

Though the smallest Mercedes before the CLA Class entered the market, the Mercedes C-Class has been one of the favored brands by many entry level sedan buyers. It is affordable and provides those distinguishing Mercedes features. The spark plug wires are part of the C240's ignition system. A spark plug comprises of a shell insulator and a central conductor. It ignites the mixture of air and fuel by an electric spark. Its main purpose is to start up the engine. They provide the spark in the engine cylinders that aids in starting the vehicle. They ensure the uninterrupted movement of the vehicle, proper combustion, improve fuel economy, lower the discharge of gases and generally improve the performance of a vehicle.

Mercedes Misfire Problem and Other Spark Plug Issues

A malfunctioning spark plug will definitely cause a Mercedes C240 misfire. A vehicle is able to run smoothly due to the firing of engine cylinders. If there is an interruption in the firing of the engine by a single cylinder, then an engine misfire will definitely take place. Engine misfires are known to produce more toxic gases. A malfunctioning spark plug will also cause an engine idle that can lead to severe damage which can be very expensive to fix.

A damaged spark plug will also cause your vehicle not to start, because it fails to produce the spark necessary for the vehicle start. A surging engine is another known symptom of a damaged spark plug. In such a scenario the engine will start and stop all over sudden; which can be quite dangerous if one is in traffic. A malfunctioning spark plug will cause a drop in the fuel economy of your vehicle, because engine performance becomes deficient when spark plugs are worn out. You will definitely experience poor acceleration with damaged spark plugs; the engine will definitely get overworked trying to pull the vehicle due to the poor acceleration.

C240 Spark Plug Replacement Cost

You should have your ignition system inspected whenever your car is serviced. It is good practice to have your ignition wires replaced whenever you are having your spark plugs replaced. Leaking oil or coolant can damage your ignition wires. If you are experiencing a leak it should be repaired before any new wires are installed. A 2004 Mercedes C240 spark plugs replacement will cost you between $542 and $724 in Chicago.

To determine if your spark plug is functioning okay, you can check your fuel meter. If your vehicle is guzzling fuel, it's prudent to check your spark plug. Deposits of fuel or carbon deposits on your spark plug are clear indicators that your spark plug needs replacement. It may be difficult to determine the state of your spark plugs until they actually wear out. Some experts deem it good practice if spark plugs are replaced every 30,000 miles. Regular cleaning of spark plugs is also recommended and also helps arrest problems at an early stage. For a C240 spark plug change or for the best deals on other automobile parts and accessories visit

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Dave, Simi Valley

Great price on these wires. Easy to install. Mechanic wanted 650 bucks to change these out. I did it in 3 hours and 200 total.

2005 Mercedes C240 Spark Plug Wire Set

Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied
Reviewer: 2001 Mercedes Wire Set

Bosch wire set was installed in in vehicle. The parts are working.

2001 Mercedes C240 Spark Plug Wire Set

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Good Price Good Product

Received very quickly. Exact replacement for what was on the car. Very satisfied.

2003 Mercedes C240 Spark Plug Wire Set

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Nic'Oh!

Generally when buying electrical parts Bosch is highly recommended for Mercedes. This set of wire just resolved the issue i had.

And as always the shipping condition was very satisfying.

2005 Mercedes C240 Spark Plug Wire Set

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Bosch ignition wires

Swapped out old set which appeared great after 108,000 miles. New set went on without a hitch.

2004 Mercedes C240 Spark Plug Wire Set

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Spark plugs wire set

Amazing OEM this was exactly what I needed the fit perfectly.

2005 Mercedes C240 Spark Plug Wire Set