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Volvo XC90 Replacement Shocks Information

For vehicles that are respected for superior fuel saving capabilities, quality and long lasting service life, car lovers turn to Volvo. Mile after mile Volvo cars afford the utmost rugged performance and easy control to new car buyers. Would it be smart to fork over a lot on a fine luxury car, if you plan to be a skinflint with replacement components? To keep the comfort and luxury you selected with your Volvo XC90, it's important to use only the most reliable brand name car parts. Elegant sedans like the plush Volvo XC90 were made to be handled with care and always given needed maintenance. The Volvo you chose was designed with quality and expertise; it deserves new OEM parts of a similar top level of value. Found between the suspension and the frame of the car, Volvo XC90 Shocks dampen the bouncing movement of the car or truck. Shock absorbers are found in two fundamental forms: spring dampers which work via metal leaf springs, and torsional shock absorbers which utilize a torsion spring. Volvo XC90 Shocks operate as heavy spring coils and look like hydraulic pistons, shifting fluid from one chamber to another which softens jolts and jars as you drive. If you picked a high-performance car because it had high-end power and performance, back up that investment by buying outstanding new parts. Top-notch horsepower and road performance depend on first-rate components and accessories. Why in the world would you consider a part that's almost what you need when you can get exactly what you want so conveniently? No one will ever give you a wider selection of Volvo aftermarket accessories than we do. If you want a high level of satisfaction out of your car or truck, remember that quality parts create outstanding performance - has those quality parts right here.

Volvo XC90 Shocks They are available for the following Volvo XC90 years: 2019, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 19, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03. This part is also sometimes called Volvo XC90 Shock Absorber. We stock shocks parts for most Volvo models including V70, S60, S40, S80, 850, S70, C70, 960, 240, XC70, VNL, 940, 760, 1800, V50, 244, 740, 122, V40, C30, 780, XC60, 245, 544, S90, V90, 164, 242, WG, 264, 145, 144, VN, 142, 265, DL, 262, GLE, 445 and 745.

We stock these Shocks brands for the Volvo XC90: Bilstein, Sachs, KYB, Genuine, API, TRQ and FCS Automotive.

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Research on Shocks for Volvo XC90

The shocks on any car are designed to smooth the ride and keep the vehicle from bouncing too much. If your Volvo XC90 shock absorbers need replacement, you will find that the ride in your SUV no longer feels as smooth as it once did. If you don't get the shocks replaced quickly, you may find that you also need new rear tires because the bad shocks caused uneven tire wear. Before more damage happens, go ahead and get replacement shocks for your Volvo XC90. You'll be glad you did when you feel the restored smoothness of your ride.

Problems with Standard Shocks on a Volvo XC90

Usually vehicles have front struts and rear shocks. To test if your shocks are really wearing out or if the rough ride is just your imagination, look under the rear wheels. Any oil leaking from the shocks is a sure sign of failure. Another indication of a problem is if your SUV continues to move up and down when you put your weight on one of the rear corners and then release it. Working shocks should prevent the vehicle from repeatedly moving. Check the tires. If one side of the tires or one tire is more worn than the other, you have uneven tire wear that is an indication of something wrong with your suspension system, the major components of which on the rear wheels are your shocks. Should you notice any of these problems, consider it a sign to get your Volvo XC90's rear shocks replaced.

Problems with Nivomat Shocks on a Volvo XC90

Nivomat shocks are designed to be self-leveling, which means that they maintain the height of the vehicle. If you experience a failed shock of this type, you may notice that one part of your rear end sinks lower, especially when you have a full cargo area. The Nivomat shocks should hold up your SUV at a given height regardless of what is in the vehicle. Problematic Nivomat shocks must be replaced with shocks of the same brand because standard shocks do not perform the same job of holding up your SUV's rear end.

Price for a New Set of Shocks on a Volvo XC90

If you need new 2005 Volvo XC90 shocks, you may spend anywhere from $1187.10 to $1391.90 for a pair of rear shocks. This depends on where you live and how much the labor rates are for your particular auto repair service center. If you have an older or newer XC90 or one with standard shocks rather than Nivomat shocks, you could pay less. This is only an estimate price to help you to budget for the replacement of your shocks.

Save Money on Your New Shocks

You don't necessarily have to spend thousands for a pair of shock absorbers. Check out the selection and great prices at You will discover that the competitive prices may mean that you pay much less for your new shocks than if you allowed your mechanic to purchase and install them for you. Saving on your shocks is simple if you know where to go:

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: cheryl doddrell

awesome shipping, good price happy customer will order again.

2008 Volvo XC90 Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: 2005 XC90 Rear Shocks

These shocks work great. Nice SMOOTH ride now compared to the stock ones that where on it from 2005. The best thing was the price such a great price from!

2005 Volvo XC90 Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Rear shocks for Volvo XC 90

Ordered shocks from PartsGeek because of best price and three previous satisfactory purchases from them for my XJS Jaguar. Parts arrived next day, no "issues". Good job PartsGeek. Thank you

2004 Volvo XC90 Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: the best

Parts geek is awsome fast delivery good product for the price i reccomend every one to buy from them their awsome you wont be dissapointed

2004 Volvo XC90 Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Kathryn

Our 2003 Volvo XC90 failed Virginia inspection. Shop wanted $800 to replace leaking shock absorber. Having used Parts Geek in the past, I ordered one. Car passed inspection.

2003 Volvo XC90 Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Rear Shook Absorbers and Reflect

I found that PartsGeek has the replacements parts I need for my Volvo SUV at the right price.

2008 Volvo XC90 Shock Absorber