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Volvo V70 Replacement Shocks Information

Volvo is a dedicated car manufacturer celebrated for designing reliable and hardworking cars. For budget-friendly design and top-notch toughness vehicle buyers can trust a solidly built car manufactured by Volvo. It's not surprising that smart vehicle owners understand how to get the most quality at a good price when seeking out Volvo V70 auto parts. The Volvo V70 is known as a great family cruiser - help it stay reliable and safe for your family with high-quality car components. On the road, you deserve comfort and safety; that's why you bought a set of wheels like the stylish Volvo V70. Your fine Volvo was built with care and craftsmanship; it should get new replacement or OEM components with a similar top level of reliability. Preserve your car's elements by purchasing the finest in high-quality engine components. Top-notch capability and road performance are derived from high-quality components and accessories. Shocks are separated into two general varieties: spring-based dampers which work via metal coil springs, and torsion dampers which employ a torsion bar. The Volvo V70 Shocks reduce bouncing from irregularities on the road to offer a steadier ride. Your car or truck's Volvo V70 Shocks contain a metal coil within a tube which stabilizes a car's suspension. Whether you own a classic roadster or a station wagon, we have all the parts and accessories you are searching for right here. No matter what model year you own, we've got the Volvo aftermarket parts you have to have. For unbeatable service out of your vehicle, remember that quality parts make for great performance - has those parts.

Volvo V70 Shocks They are available for the following Volvo V70 years: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00, 99, 98. This part is also sometimes called Volvo V70 Shock Absorber. We stock shocks parts for most Volvo models including XC90, S60, S40, S80, 850, S70, C70, 960, 240, XC70, VNL, 940, 760, 1800, V50, 244, 740, 122, V40, C30, 780, XC60, 245, 544, S90, V90, 164, 242, WG, 264, 145, 144, VN, 142, 265, DL, 262, GLE, 445 and 745.

We stock these Shocks brands for the Volvo V70: Genuine, Monroe, KYB, Professional Parts Sweden, Sachs, Gabriel, Unity, API and TRQ.

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Research on Shocks for Volvo V70

Don't get shocked by your sudden decline in ride quality. It's likely a problem with your Volvo V70's shocks and struts. Both parts dampen the roughness of your ride, making it less bouncy, but with regular wear and tear, the shocks and struts will wear down and need replacing. Doing so will make your ride much more comfortable than ever.

What is a Shock Absorber?

The shock absorbers on your Volvo help take the brunt of the impacts of the road on your rear wheels. You may have standard shocks on your V70 or you could have Nivomat, which are gas-filled self-leveling shocks. Unlike standard shocks, Nivomat shocks help keep the vehicle at a set level, much like the coil springs around struts. Ideally, both types of shocks should last for a minimum of 50,000 miles, but driving conditions, pot holes, rough roads, dirt roads, or accidents could all shorten the lifespan of your shock absorbers. Even if your shocks don't have 50,000 miles on them, there are some signs that you should look for to know when it is time to replace them.

Signs of Bad Shock Absorbers

It will be apparent when your shocks need to be replaced. You may notice that your Volvo V70 rear shock absorbers bounce more than they used to. If you do a visual inspection, you may find fluid leaking from the shocks. If you drive a V70 with Nivomat shock absorbers, the rear part of the car will ride 2 inches lower than the front because the failed Nivomat shocks are no longer holding up the back of the vehicle.

Cost for Volvo V70 Rear Shock Replacement

Some people prefer to replace the shocks themselves on their vehicles, but not everyone is adept enough or has ample time to make the repairs. If you fall into the latter group, consider taking your Volvo to a dealer or mechanic. Depending on whether you need Nivomat or standard shocks, you may pay anywhere from $480 to $1336 for a 2003 Volvo V70 rear shock replacement on an all-wheel drive vehicle. This price is not just for the shock absorbers, though. It also includes the labor fees charged by mechanics. Most have an hourly rate, and the total labor cost is directly related to how much time the repair takes. Some places have a flat fee that is not dependent upon time or difficulty of the task. Call around for the best rate to save money on that half of your shock absorber replacement bill.

Reduce Your Cost

If you want to further reduce your replacement cost, shop online for your shock absorbers. By shopping online you get a wider selection than the couple of options a mechanic may give you, and you can choose parts that fall within your budget, even if you need new shocks. If you're wondering where to start, go to for your shopping experience. You will find shock absorbers that are compatible with your Volvo V70 and at better prices than you may find elsewhere. Why not let become your new shopping spot for all your Volvo parts?

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The product arrived quickly without having to purchase extra mailing options. The parts were correct and fit perfectly. The cost was better then anyone else. All in all this was a very good experience.

1999 Volvo V70 Shock Absorber

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Hàrd part to find. Best price. Always great service and the parts fit

2000 Volvo V70 Shock Absorber