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Chevrolet Blazer Replacement Shocks Information

Chevrolet autos have built a long and distinctive tradition of providing A-list style. In the search for style and value vehicle owners seek out the innovation that can be found in every Chevrolet automobile. Sporty road demons, such as your road-beating Chevrolet Blazer, are intended to be strained hard, but afterwards given a maintenance pass. Chevrolet engineering always comes through, with car models that combine impressive economy alongside the pleasures of agile responsiveness. A nice Chevrolet vehicle delivers a great merging of reliability and low price. If you chose that high-performance car to enjoy its awesome power and performance, support that decision and install high quality new parts and accessories. The Chevrolet Blazer Shocks dampen energy caused by bumps in the road to allow for a steadier drive. Installed between the suspension system and the body of the automobile, Chevrolet Blazer Shocks reduce vertical movement of the suspension. Shock absorbers are found in two fundamental types: spring-based dampers which use metal leaf springs, and torsional shocks which contain a torsion spring. The specialists here at know what it's like to love your vehicle, and so we are on a mission to help you find the right parts for the job.

Chevrolet Blazer Shocks They are available for the following Chevrolet Blazer years: 2005, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1987, 1974, 1973, 1972, 1971, 1970, 1969, 05, 01, 00, 99, 94, 93, 92, 91, 90, 89, 88, 87, 74, 73, 72, 71, 70, 69. This part is also sometimes called Chevrolet Blazer Shock Absorber. We stock shocks parts for most Chevrolet models including Silverado 1500, Tahoe, Silverado 2500 HD, S10, Corvette, Suburban 1500, K1500, C1500, Camaro, Astro, Malibu, Avalanche 1500, El Camino, Trailblazer, Cobalt, HHR, C10 Pickup, Colorado, Bel Air, Express 1500, Impala, Chevelle, Equinox, C10, Caprice, K2500, Monte Carlo, Nova, G20, K1500 Suburban, Venture, Uplander, P30, Avalanche, Silverado 3500, Express 3500, Express 2500, Traverse, Silverado 2500 and Chevy II.

We stock these Shocks brands for the Chevrolet Blazer: Monroe, Bilstein, Skyjacker, AC Delco, Gabriel, API and DIY Solutions.

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What do my Chevrolet Blazer shocks do for my SUV?

Your Chevrolet Blazer shocks have two important functions. First, they control the movement of your suspension and springs. They do this by damping the impact of road bumps and your sport utility's own vibrations. Second, they make sure that your tires are always in contact with the road. Tire contact with the road is essential for maintaining movement control and stopping ability. (No matter what you have seen on TV, you can't control an airborne car!)

How do shocks do this? When your car moves over a bump, for example, the springs in your suspension compress. The shocks (mounted to the side or inside the springs, depending on the model) provide resistance when the spring starts to decompress.

If you could see inside your Chevrolet Blazer shocks, you would see pistons that move up and down inside an oil filled tube. They move in accord with the motion of your springs. Oil inside the piston is forced through microscopic holes and valves, and this provides the necessary resistance to the spring's movement. This resistance turns kinetic energy into heat. Your shocks get warm, your wheels stay on the road and most important, you stay in control of your car.

When do I need to replace my Chevrolet Blazer shocks?

Chevrolet Blazer shocks are built to handle a tough job with precision and endurance. However, they can and do wear out. Replacing them after 80,000 -100,000 miles is a sensible idea (or 60,000 miles if you have been driving under extreme conditions).

Signs that you may need to replace your Chevrolet Blazer shocks sooner than that include things like nosediving (your car's front end dives down to the pavement when you apply the brakes) or squats (your car's rear drops down as you speed up). If your car sways or shifts from side to side in fine weather, making it difficult to control, your shocks need to be checked immediately before it adversely affects your brakes. Excessive bouncing down the road is another sign that your shocks need to be replaced. Leaks near your tires may be piston or hydraulic fluid from your shocks. A less common sign is one tire that is visibly lower than the rest, and it's not because the tire is flat.

Worn out shocks don't just take the fun out of driving. They also increase your stopping distance and keep your ABS system from optimal performance. If you notice any of these signs, replace your Chevrolet Blazer shocks immediately.

Does it cost a lot to replace my Chevrolet Blazer shocks?

Depending on where you take your SUV, the cost to replace your Chevrolet Blazer shocks could be anywhere from $200 to $335. In general, a dealership will charge you more than an independent mechanic.

If you wish to save the labor costs of replacing Chevrolet Blazer shocks (and some of the parts cost, too), PartsGeek has the standard and performance shocks you want available right now.

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Great shocks at a great price!!! Thanks partsgeek!!

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