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Mercedes ML350 Replacement Shock Absorber Information

With sophisticated craftsmanship and amazingly sleek style, no automobile is more treasured than a luxurious Mercedes. Rely on the precision manufacture of legendary Mercedes automobile models for extended life. Comfort-focused vehicles like the well-appointed Mercedes ML350 were made to be used with care and then always regularly maintained.Your Mercedes ML350 is ready to succeed on any off-road challenge, but must have first-rate quality parts to take you to where you're headed. When a problem develops or a system needs to be replaced, don't economize with a low-quality component. A Mercedes ML350 is meant to have the right parts to function at peak efficiency. The historic Mercedes logo always means a ride having fantastic looks as well as an unstoppable motor and suspension. It's no shock that safety and comfort-conscious drivers like you are in the know about how to get the most value for their dollar when buying Mercedes ML350 car parts. Mercedes is an often-copied manufacturer that is applauded for engineering vehicles that offer unique styling and boosted durability. Drivers who revel in optimized vehicles know that nothing is more vital than putting in the most durable replacement parts. Your car or truck is special because it has excellent performance and terrific style, so to keep it going in its best condition you'll want the best in high-quality parts and accessories.Quality Mercedes ML350 Shock Absorbers reduce motion from irregularities on the road to allow for a more stable ride. Mercedes ML350 Shock Absorbers behave as heavy coil springs that look a lot like pistons, moving oil from chamber to chamber which dampens swaying as the vehicle moves. The correctly working Mercedes ML350 Shock Absorber provides you with enhanced suspension stability as well as increasing the handling of the car. A car's Mercedes ML350 Shock Absorber is a spring inside a tube which helps a car's suspension system. Shock absorbers come in two basic types: spring dampers which work via metal leaf springs, and torsion-based shocks which use a torsion bar. Your Mercedes ML350 needs to be maintained in peak working order and maintained at need; that can mean selecting the right new and OEM parts. Driving a Mercedes was an intelligent choice, and maintaining it in excellent condition is an even better idea.

Mercedes ML350 Shock Absorber They are available for the following Mercedes ML350 years: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03. This part is also sometimes called Mercedes ML350 Shocks. We stock shock absorber parts for most Mercedes models including E320, ML320, GL450, E500, C230, E350, S500, R350, CLK320, C280, E430, SLK230, ML500, 300D, ML430, C240, CLK430, E55 AMG, 560SL, C300, E300, 300SD, S420, GL320, S320, ML55 AMG, 420SEL, SL500, GL550, 380SL, CLS500, 190E, 240D, 300E, CLS550, 450SL, 280SE, G500, 300TD and 300SE.

We stock these Shock Absorber brands for the Mercedes ML350: Bilstein, Monroe, SKP, Unity, API, TRQ and Sachs.

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Research on Shock Absorber for Mercedes ML350

The Mercedes Benz has a long and distinguished history as a deluxe European car, and the Daimler company has guarded its brand name vigorously. In 1901, the company began as Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft, and when the company owned by Karl Benz merged with Daimler in 1926, the Mercedes models of the company took on the Benz moniker, and the glorious Mercedes-Benz vehicles began to take to the road. Since then, the Mercedes-Benz model has since always been linked to innovations that later became commonplace features in the everyday automobiles. However, it is a mistake to classify the Mercedes on the same deluxe level as Lamborghini and Rolls Royce. The company began producing moderately priced vehicles from its inception, although it continually produced outstanding top end products as well. Mercedes-Benz parts can be found fairly easily, but the prices of aftermarket products like shock absorbers can vary widely. While the company is based in Stuttgart, Germany, it has factories all over the world, and this strongly affects prices. Is your particular model manufactured in the US? If it's a GLE model or GE make SUV, yes. If not, you're going to pay import prices for Mercedes-Benz parts. Mercedes shock absorber prices are not really that bad, but they are not the cheap fix that you can expect from a domestic car. Do not let the durability of Mercedes-Benz parts fool you into ignoring basic maintenance and repair principles. Do shock absorbers wear down? Do car shocks leak? Is there a schedule for changing the shock absorbers on most vehicles? Yes, yes, and yes: know your vehicle's shocks and maintain them accordingly!

Paying For Location Costs in Shipping

How much does it cost to replace shocks and struts? As the good mechanic always says, "It depends." The expense of a Mercedes shock absorber replacement varies according to model, of course, but it also depends on whether you want to install customized shocks that allow you to drive off-road. If you want to have a lowrider car that hops, you will be spending a lot of money on special suspension parts, batteries and hydraulic pumps. When we look at the Mercedes-Benz ML350, we see that this vehicle is an SUV, and that it is currently in its third generation, after its introduction in 1997. If you own any of the M-Class Mercedes built from that time, then you are in luck: these were all assembled in the United States, in Alabama. The recent decision to shift the name for the upcoming makes of the series to GLE 500 and GLE Coupe will not change your situation, because these are basically facelifts of M-Class models.

How Many Shocks for the Ride You Want?

When shopping for shock absorbers, you will have the choice of singles, doubles, or quadruple sets. The conventional wisdom states that, inline with policies for wheels, tires, and other parts that impact the balance and alignment of the vehicle, you should always buy shocks in pair, while avoiding completely avoiding singles and opting for quadruple sets only for upgrades or unique problems. Mercedes ML350 front shocks can be purchased for $1116 to $3063, if you get a pair. The cost for rear shocks on both sides should be about $808 to $1743. For a front shock on one side, you'll pay $630 to $1623, and for a rear shock on one side, you'll pay $459 to $942. You can get some outstanding parts for your Mercedes-Benz from, and enjoy one of the smoothest rides in the world.

Some Additional Factors Affecting Prices

While older parts usually cost more due to their rarity, the year of your ML350 model should not have a major impact on the price, with a pair of 2006 Mercedes ML350 rear shocks costing only slightly less than 1997 rear shocks. And while Mercedes-Benz vehicles are not to be considerable automatically as good as top-end luxury vehicles, they are more expensive than most entry level or mid-level parts. The Mercedes name endured a downturn in overall quality during the 1990 and early 00's, but rebounded well and now is regularly cited as one of the highest quality car manufacturers in the world, justifying higher prices for parts.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: TLS

Fast delivery and good service for online orders. Email service and warranty service very slow but appears to honest.

2007 Mercedes ML350 Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: The best product

I have 2003 ml 350

Last I changed the rear shoks but wasn't bilestein brand 2 month later start loosing power and making nose

My friend told get bilestein are best and same origenal was right I don't have problem I recon and

2004 Mercedes ML350 Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Sergei

Installed in ML350 2004 with 125000 mi, they work just perfect, good cornering even for my old car

2004 Mercedes ML350 Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: drew sikorski

last year I purchased front shocks for my Benz and I was very satisfied with the product and quick delivery. I would order from them fact, I'm ordering bake rotors very soon.

2011 Mercedes ML350 Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: RickAZ

Dealer wanted $1150.00 to replace the rear shocks on a 2006 ML350. The Bilstein shocks I purchased from Partsgeek were a perfect fit and I saved over $600.00 by doing this myself.

2006 Mercedes ML350 Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Good Quality - Satisfied Customer on this product

Parts Geek offers this part at a fair price, and then what is even better is that I ordered two [2] of these & two[2] of the Rear Shocks for my 2009 Mercedes ML350 4Matic at approx. 3:30 CST, and these four parts arrived the next afternoon prior to 4 pm CST. I am very impressed with the operations and distribution efficiency of Parts Geek.

[R. G. - Frisco, TX]

2009 Mercedes ML350 Shock Absorber