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Jeep Liberty Replacement Shock Absorber Information

Jeep is an original manufacturer of rugged and one of a kind vehicles that make rocky road maneuvers smooth and manageable. You purchased a performance-optimized car because it had superb power and performance, insure your investment by installing high quality new parts. No matter if you race your vehicle or just take joy in driving a performance vehicle, the highest quality aftermarket and OEM parts are crucial. Your vehicle's Jeep Liberty Shock Absorber is a spring within a cylinder that supports the car or truck's suspension system. The properly-functioning Shock Absorber provides increased stability as well as augmenting the handling of the car. Your Shock Absorbers dampen energy from irregularities in the road to offer a more stable ride. Installed between the suspension system and the body of the automobile, Shock Absorbers absorb vertical movement of the vehicle. Shock Absorbers behave like firm coil springs which look like hydraulic pistons, moving fluid from a main chamber to a secondary chamber which softens jolts and jars as the vehicle moves. The parts you need are only a click away when you order them from PartsGeek.

Jeep Liberty Shock Absorber They are available for the following Jeep Liberty years: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02. This part is also sometimes called Jeep Liberty Shocks. We stock shock absorber parts for most Jeep models including Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Wrangler, Commander, CJ5, TJ, CJ7, Willys, Comanche, Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer, Scrambler, J10, Commando, DJ5, Gladiator, Jeepster, Truck, FC170, FC150, Compass, Patriot, CJ3, J20, Wrangler JK, 6 230, CJ6, J230, J4500, M151, J2500, Universal, Universal Truck, J3500, J2600, DJ3, Dispatcher, CJ5A, J3700 and DJ6.

We stock these Shock Absorber brands for the Jeep Liberty: Monroe, KYB, Bilstein, Skyjacker, Rancho, Gabriel, Unity, API, TRQ and Sachs.

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Research on Shock Absorber for Jeep Liberty

The shock absorber is an integral part of the suspension system. This component is intended to absorb and dampen shocks to give you a more comfortable and stable ride. It functions like a pump, there's a piston attached at the end of the piston rod that works against the hydraulic fluid in the tube. As your vehicle moves up and down the road the hydraulic fluid is pushed through miniature holes inside the piston. Only a small amount of fluid flows through the piston forcing the piston to slow down and hence the suspension movement.

Shock Absorber and Struts Complications

Suspension problems often do not go unnoticed; one can always tell that something is amiss. One of the most evident problems is that your stopping distance will get longer. The dipping and swerving when you hit the brake pedal is yet another common one. Once your shock absorbers start wearing out, they will no longer absorb the vibrations; hence you will experience these vibrations inside the cabin. Rattling noises emanating from your suspension system definitely indicate that it needs to be checked. Your vehicle sliding even on the mildest of winds as well as leaking shocks are other signs. The uneven wearing of tires which indicates that they have uneven contact with the road is enough to warrant a Jeep Liberty struts replacement as well as a shock absorber replacement.

Jeep Liberty Shock Absorber Replacement

The wearing of your shock absorbers is dependent on many factors. Rough terrain, bumpy roads as well as pothole riddled ones will definitely wear your shocks faster. You should at least expect to replace your shocks every 50,000 miles. Performing a Jeep Liberty rear shocks replacement in Florida can cost you approximately $303 to $416 on average. You can get yourself some good quality shock absorbers for between $198 and $ 282. Labor is expected to range from $105 to $134. Before any replacements have your entire suspension system examined to have all worn out parts replaced.

Do struts leak?

A strut can be defined as a shock absorber inside a coil spring. It consists of one or more pistons and hydraulic oil. The seals on the struts wear out eventually therefore allowing fluid to leak and causing it to lose its ability to absorb road shocks. It is therefore important to examine your struts closely for any leaking oil on the surface. Most modern shock absorbers and struts are designed to serve for over 50,000 miles. However they will eventually wear out depending on the condition of the roads you drive on, style of driving and the amount of dirt that accumulates on the suspension.

The suspension system is an integral part of your vehicle; therefore you should never compromise on the quality of parts that you use. You can get yourself the best deals on the best quality parts and accessories at , so go ahead and order all the Jeep Liberty suspension components you need including the 2005 Jeep Liberty shocks and struts and 2006 Jeep Liberty shocks and struts.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Ted

Arived quickly and in good condition. This was an easy instal with good results.

2011 Jeep Liberty Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: JPM

This shock fit perfectly and installed easily. Delivery was quick and the price was right.

2004 Jeep Liberty Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Joe D.

These shocks are almost a perfect match of the OEM shock. Ride control is excellent without being excessively firm.

2002 Jeep Liberty Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Easy to install

these were just too easy to install. It took no time at all. Ordering from the PartsGeek was painless and the parts arrived within 4 days. I am very satisfied and will order from again.

2003 Jeep Liberty Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Liberty Monroe Shock Absorber

what a big difference jeep rides great now wife is happy so now im happy

2002 Jeep Liberty Shock Absorber

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Reviewer: summer

Love my parts! Always good quality, fast shipping, best prices!

2002 Jeep Liberty Shock Absorber