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Chevrolet K1500 Replacement Shock Absorber Information

For hardworking quality and muscle from a vehicle, car lovers can rely on Chevrolet. Performance optimized cars, including your high-octane Chevrolet K1500, were intended to be stressed past tolerances, and afterwards repaired and refurbished. You want to buy a vehicle that'll always be dependable for the long haul and you can trust in a real Chevrolet. If a problem comes up or a part needs to be fixed, avoid the temptation to scrimp with a weak or unreliable part. A Chevrolet K1500 is worth genuine OEM and aftermarket auto parts to deliver its best performance. It's no shock that safety-conscious vehicle owners like you have it right about how to find the highest value for their dollar when buying Chevrolet K1500 parts.Support your car's elements by investing in the best high-quality parts. The car's Chevrolet K1500 Shock Absorber is a metal spring inside a cylinder that helps the car's suspension. Chevrolet K1500 Shock Absorbers behave like firm coil springs that resemble pistons, shifting fluid from a main chamber to a secondary chamber which dampens jolts as the vehicle moves. Shocks are split two general varieties: spring-based dampers which rely on metal coil springs, and torsion-based dampers which contain a torsion spring. Whether you drive a convertible or everyday Detroit metal, we have the aftermarket accessories you have to have right on site at

Chevrolet K1500 Shock Absorber They are available for the following Chevrolet K1500 years: 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1988, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95, 94, 93, 92, 91, 90, 89, 88. This part is also sometimes called Chevrolet K1500 Shocks. We stock shock absorber parts for most Chevrolet models including Silverado 1500, Tahoe, Silverado 2500 HD, S10, Suburban 1500, Corvette, Blazer, C1500, Camaro, Astro, Avalanche 1500, Malibu, El Camino, Trailblazer, Cobalt, HHR, C10 Pickup, Colorado, Bel Air, Impala, Express 1500, Equinox, Chevelle, C10, Silverado 2500, Caprice, K2500, Monte Carlo, Nova, Avalanche, G20, K1500 Suburban, Venture, Uplander, Express 3500, Express 2500, Silverado 3500, P30, Traverse and C2500.

We stock these Shock Absorber brands for the Chevrolet K1500: Replacement, Monroe, Bilstein, Skyjacker, Gabriel, Unity, API and TRQ.

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Research on Shock Absorber for Chevrolet K1500

Are you unsure of when it's actually time to change your Chevrolet K1500 Shock Absorber? Are you unsure of the common symptoms of worn out shock absorbers? Well, to understand these symptoms and to be able to spot them easily you need to understand the design of a shock absorber. The design of your Chevrolet K1500 Shock Absorber is to help keep the tire o the ground when you are driving on the bumpy ground so that the driver can maintain maximum control of the car. Your Chevrolet K1500 Shock absorbers and struts have been designed in the same way. However, the difference is that the strut supports the weight of the vehicle while the shock is just a link between the suspension parts. The Shock absorber is made up of the cylinder tube that is known as the reserve tube, that is normally filled with hydraulic fluid, another tube called the pressure cylinder that's within the cylinder, a piston that works by traveling through the inner cylinder and the valving that meters the flow of the fluid from one side of the piston to the other as you encounter bumps in the road. They are normally attached to the vehicle suing bolts and rubber bushings. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a shock. Therefore it's important that you know the symptoms of a worn out or faulty shock.

Signs your Shock Absorbers need replacing

When your shocks get worn out, they will normally produce a few signs that will alert the driver that they need replacing. One of the common symptoms is in case you can feel vibrations while you are driving. In case the valving or the piston seal that is located in your shock is wearing off, then it might not be able to sit properly, this will allow fluid to flow uncontrollably past the valve or piston seal and thereby allowing every bump to cause an overreaction that can be felt with the hands on the steering wheel. Another common symptom is when your car swerves or nose dives when you brake. In case your valving or piston seal that is inside the shock is wearing out, then the hydraulic fluid will flow uncontrollably, and the slightest brake application by the driver will allow extreme movement of the piston inside the cylinder causing a swerve or a nose dive. An obvious symptom of a worn-out shock is in case you notice your Chevrolet K1500 takes more time to stop when the brakes are applied. Sometimes the seal that is on the shaft of the shock absorber might begin to leak; the leaking fluid can be seen on the side of the shock. The loss of fluid will cause an inability for the shock to perform properly since there won't be enough fluid in the chamber to work with.

Chevrolet K1500 Shock Absorber Costs

A Chevrolet K1500 Shock Absorber replacement costs between $303 and $416. The labor costs are estimated between $105 and $134, while the parts are priced between $198 and $282. It's advisable that you get a personalized quote that is based on your location, the make, year and model of your car. When it comes to purchasing your Chevrolet K1500 Shock Absorber, it's recommended that you get it from a reliable online retailer. are an online auto parts and accessories retailer. We sell all Chevrolet K1500 auto parts and accessories exclusively online, meaning there are no overhead costs.

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Reviewer: renagade

Shocks were a very good price can't beat it an warehouse must have been around the corner. Package arrived in 2 days with free shipping. Try an beat it but I doubt anybody else can.

1995 Chevrolet K1500 Shock Absorber

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Im very satisfied with the parts geek. They do a good job. Keep up the good work..

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Partsgeek has had all parts that I have ordered. The last part I bought was a drivers side mirror for my 1990 chevy siverado. The mirror is a perfect fit. The webside is very easy to use. I recommend to all my friends. At the moment I am looking for speakers and also rear shocks.

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I purchased new shocks for my 94 Chevy Truck. PartsGeek had the best prices and fast shipping. Great Service.

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I installed the Monroe shocks on my 97 chevy truck with in days of ordering from parts geek.i was happy how fast they are.

1997 Chevrolet K1500 Shock Absorber

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I have used this shock on just about every truck on or off road because it can really pack a punch.

1988 Chevrolet K1500 Shock Absorber