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BMW 330xi Replacement Shock Absorber Information

Comfort-optimized sedans such as the plush BMW 330xi were designed to be handled with care and then maintained well. If you operate an extremely reliable stylish vehicle with a long heritage, you want a BMW. To keep the style and elegance you bought with your BMW 330xi, it's key to use only the top names in OEM and aftermarket parts.For decades auto enthusiasts have put faith in the reliable construction of BMW and valued the style expected from these vehicles. Would it make sense to expend a large payment for a great, stylish luxury car, if you plan to cut corners on replacement parts? If you invested in a performance-optimized car or truck to enjoy its superb power and performance, keep up that investment with outstanding new parts and accessories.Good BMW 330xi Shock Absorbers reduce motion caused by dips on the road to deliver a smoother ride. Found between the suspension and the frame of the car, BMW 330xi Shock Absorbers dampen vertical motion of the vehicle. BMW 330xi Shock Absorbers behave like heavy springs which look similar to hydraulic pistons, shifting liquid from a main chamber to a secondary chamber which cushions jolts as you drive. A BMW 330xi ought to be maintained in top working order and maintained at need; that can mean selecting the best new and OEM auto parts.

BMW 330xi Shock Absorber They are available for the following BMW 330xi years: 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01. This part is also sometimes called BMW 330xi Shocks. We stock shock absorber parts for most BMW models including 325i, 325xi, 328xi, 328i, X5, X3, 328i xDrive, 323i, M3, Z3, Z4, 330i, 325Ci, 318i, 528i, 330Ci, 740iL, 530i, 525i, 335i, 2002, 535i, 325is, 740i, 318is, 840Ci, 323Ci, 545i, 320i, 335xi, 328is, 550i, 745i, 540i, 750iL, 323is, 645Ci, 335i xDrive, 325e and 850i.

We stock these Shock Absorber brands for the BMW 330xi: Bilstein, KYB, TRQ, Sachs, PRT and API.

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Research on Shock Absorber for BMW 330xi

How soon you need to change your BMW 330xi shock absorbers can be determined by your driving habits. How much you push your vehicle over bumpy or uneven terrain can influence when your 2006 BMW 330xi front shocks need to be replaced. A common sign that one or more of your shock absorbers is going bad is that they are visibly leaking. The fluid can begin to come out of a damaged seal in the piston of the shock. This leaking fluid can cause an abnormal amount of road grime to build up on the shock absorber that is easy to see by inspecting your shock. Sometimes you can experience your BMW moving back and forth in moderate crosswinds or leaning more than usual going around a large curve. These are all indications that it may be time to check your 2006 BMW 330xi shocks. It is recommended to start this shock inspection process after the shock absorbers have been on the vehicle for 40,000 miles.

Shocks and Springs

Your shocks work with the 2006 BMW 330xi front struts and the springs as an important part of your suspension. They function together. They are primarily responsible for keeping your vehicle from bouncing when you travel over bumps. However, they also serve other purposes. If you need a shock replacement or a BMW e46 front strut replacement you won't experience the great ride and stability that you have come to expect from your BMW. A very important safety point is that having great shocks can affect your stopping distance when you apply the brakes quickly and therefore can contribute to the overall safety of your car. Slamming on your brakes at 70 mph with worn out shock absorbers can cause you to travel 20 feet more before coming to a complete stop. This can be the difference that prevents an accident.

Do I Have Options?

When it is time to change your shock absorber you have some options. It is best to do your rear shocks and front shocks together. You can make the choice to use the same brand shocks that came with your vehicle. It is surprising, many aftermarket shock absorbers can be better than the originals. Choosing a different shock can give your BMW a different feel while driving. Some shocks adapt to the handling requirements of your BMW giving you improved stability. With all these options just decide which ones you prefer.

The Price for a Smooth and Safe Ride

If you decide to fix your shocks in a local shop you will spend between $330-$550. This is for two shock absorbers since they should be replaced in pairs. Roughly $125 of that cost is for labor. With a little extra time, you can watch some excellent online videos to familiarize yourself with the process. You will see that you can complete the replacement and save some money. As for the parts, you can find them at We have them at the best price to help you with your BMW shocks and struts replacement cost. We exclusively sell auto parts online. This lowers our overhead and increases your savings, just how it should be.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Great Service!

The shocks/springs I ordered for my 2002 BMW 330xi were a perfect fit! Higher quality than the stock ones (springs actually snapped in two). Customer service was great. Fast shipping, well packaged. I would not hesitate to order from them again!

2002 BMW 330xi Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Easy install, good performance so far

I installed these last week and so far the performance has been good. One disclaimer is that one of my old shocks was leaking (so not working at all) and so any new shock-absorber would have made it better. But these definitely made the car handle better around the roundabout near my house, around turns, and generally better ride feel. And the price was excellent too.

2002 BMW 330xi Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Ryan

Easy install and fast shipping. Worked great and a great ride!

2006 BMW 330xi Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Fast shipping, Competitive Price

The Sachs shocks are performing well. I was pleased with the fair price and fast shipping from Parts Geek.

2006 BMW 330xi Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Justin

Had a blown rear shock, found these for really cheap. Took about 2 hours to install as it was the first time but the ride feels great. I thought my front shocks were fine until I felt how smooth the rear was with these new shocks.

2006 BMW 330xi Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Very reliable fast service

Package arrived very quickly product was packaged securely was pleased with my overall experience

2006 BMW 330xi Shock Absorber