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BMW 325xi Replacement Shock Absorber Information

A genuine BMW definitely provides an unbeatable powerhouse engine alongside its performance drivetrain. Notable carmaker BMW is envied for crafting vehicles that include superior design and unmatched innovation. Is it smart to fork over a big check on a beautiful comfortable luxury vehicle, if you plan to be a skinflint with new aftermarket or OEM parts? Comfort-focused cars including your nicely made BMW 325xi are intended to be made use of carefully and then given proper repairs. To maintain the value and appearance you selected with your BMW 325xi, it's key to buy only the highest-quality brand name OEM car parts. Your fine BMW was built with the highest care and skill; it deserves new replacement components with a similar high level of reliability. Placed between the suspension and the frame of the automobile, BMW 325xi Shock Absorbers absorb vertical movement of the suspension. A car's BMW 325xi Shock Absorber is a steel spring enclosed in a tube which helps your vehicle's suspension system. Your reliable BMW 325xi Shock Absorber offers enhanced stability on the road and increasing the maneuverability of the vehicle. Car or truck enthusiasts who enjoy optimized car or trucks recognize that absolutely nothing is more vital than getting the best new parts for your vehicle. Your vehicle has a place in your heart because it has great performance and awesome style, so to keep it going in its best condition you need the best in quality parts and accessories. Nobody else will give you a better deal on quality BMW parts than we can all week long. To get unbeatable service out of your car or truck, you know that great parts create awesome performance - and we stock those parts. No matter whether you drive an exotic sports car or a hard working truck, we have all the parts you are searching for right here at

BMW 325xi Shock Absorber They are available for the following BMW 325xi years: 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01. This part is also sometimes called BMW 325xi Shocks. We stock shock absorber parts for most BMW models including 325i, 328xi, 328i, 330xi, X5, X3, 328i xDrive, 323i, M3, Z3, Z4, 330i, 325Ci, 318i, 528i, 330Ci, 740iL, 530i, 525i, 335i, 2002, 535i, 325is, 740i, 318is, 840Ci, 323Ci, 545i, 320i, 335xi, 328is, 550i, 750iL, 745i, 540i, 323is, 335i xDrive, 645Ci, 325e and 850i.

We stock these Shock Absorber brands for the BMW 325xi: Bilstein and Sachs.

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How do BMW 325xi shock absorbers work in my car?

Your BMW 325xi shock absorbers have two vital jobs. They make sure that your tires are always in contact with the street. Tire contact with the street is what allows you to maintain both motion control and braking ability. (It's impossible to control a car flying through the air, no matter what you have seen on TV!) They also control the movement of your car's suspension and springs by damping the impact of vehicle vibrations and road bumps.

How do they do this? When your tire runs over a pothole, for example, the springs in your suspension are compressed. The shock absorbers (either inside the springs or mounted to the side, depending on your model) provide resistance when those springs start to decompress.

If you could see inside your BMW 325xi shock absorbers, you would see a piston inside an oil filled tube, moving up and down in harmony with the movement of your springs. Oil inside the piston is forced through microscopic holes and valves, providing the necessary resistance to the spring's movement. That resistance turns kinetic energy into heat. Your shock absorbers get warm, your wheels stay on the road, but most importantly, you stay in control of your car.

When do I need to replace my BMW 325xi shock absorbers?

BMW 325xi shock absorbers are built to handle a grueling job with precision and dependability. Like any auto part, however, they can and will eventually wear out. Replacing them after 80,000 -100,000 miles is a good idea (or 60,000 miles if you have been driving under extreme conditions).

Some signs that you need to replace your BMW 325xi shock absorbers sooner than the recommended interval include nosediving (your car's front end dives down to the road when you apply the brakes) or squats (your car's rear drops down as you hit the gas).

Excessive bouncing down the road while driving is an unmistakable sign that your BMW 325xi shock absorbers need to be replaced. Leaks near your tires may be piston or hydraulic fluid from your shocks. A less common sign is that one of your tires is noticeably lower than the rest, and it's not because the tire is flat.

Worn out shock absorbers don't just make your drive a lot less pleasant. If your car sways from side to side in fine weather and is difficult to handle, your BMW 325xi shock absorbers should be replaced before they start to affect your braking system as well. The increase in your stopping distance caused by bad shock absorbers will keep your ABS system from optimal performance.

Does it cost a lot to replace my BMW 325xi shock absorbers?

The mechanic's estimate to replace your BMW 325xi shock absorbers could be anywhere from $300 to $400, depending on where you take your car. Labor costs would be in the $100 to $125 dollar range. Most often, a dealership will charge you more than an independent mechanic.

If you to save some serious cash don't mind getting a little dirty, PartsGeek has the BMW 325xi shock absorbers you need right now.

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