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Safety Guide to Toys With Electric Parts

Electric toys are a growing trend and kids just eat them up. These toys take imagination to the next level; allowing kids to play in a world of animated make believe. Among some of the most popular electronic toys include video games, electric cars, trains, and electronic musical instruments. Despite the popularity of these toys, you should take note that they can present dangers. These toys are operated by electricity, which can cause electric shock. Burns are a possibility, particularly with toys that contain heating elements. Additionally, many of these toys contain sharp edges which can lead to puncture wounds. Due to these potential hazards, you should take caution when purchasing electric toys and consider who they will be used by and how they will be used. They should also be prepared to fully supervise the use of these toys, inspect them regularly and repair them as needed.

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Toy Selection

When selecting an electric toy, there are things that you should take into consideration. First and foremost, the age of the child should be considered when selecting these toys; consult the label on the toy to verify if it is appropriate for the age it is intended for. You should remember that age recommendations are just that; recommendations. Just because a toy says it is intended for ages 6 and up does not mean that the toy is suited for all children in this age range; the child’s maturity level should also be considered when purchasing these toys.

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Toy Use

Electric toys shouldn’t just be given to a child to play with; you should take proper precautions before allowing their children to play with them to avoid potential injury. Instructions that accompany these toys should be read in their entirety. You should have a working knowledge of how to operate the toys and they should show their children how to properly use them. Children should also be made aware of the hazards of using electric toys if they are used improperly. Instructions for these toys should be kept in a safe place to refer back to, if needed.

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Even after children have been educated about properly using their electric toys, they should still be properly supervised while using them. The amount of supervision while using these toys is up to your discretion and there are certain factors to consider for providing supervision. First, you should consider how the toy is being used and the maturity level of the child using it and base the amount of supervision off of this information. Second, you should take steps to provide proper supervision.

Toys should be properly plugged into an electric source with prongs resting snuggly against the outlet. Children should be taught to properly unplug their toys after using them by gently pulling on the plug, not the cord. After use, toys should be securely stored and dry place that is out of reach of children who are not capable of using them. The toys should also be checked regularly to ensure they are still properly performing. If toys need to be fixed or show signs of deterioration, they should be repaired or disposed of. Babies and toddlers should always be kept out of the area where electric toys are being used.

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Labels will help inform you of the age restrictions, intended uses and potential hazards of electric toys, helping guide them in selecting toys that are appropriate for their children. Toys that contain light bulbs should feature labels that tell the proper wattage for replacement bulbs and in the same respect, toys that feature lights that are not replaceable should have labels that indicate such. Toys with heating elements should contain a label indicating the temperature danger. Any toy that is not intended to be exposed to water should also feature a label that warns of such exposure.

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Selecting Appropriate Toys


The instructions that accompany electric toys are the most important element for ensuring safe use of these toys. Instructions should offer detailed information as to the proper use of the toys they accompany, as well as the potential hazards that can occur if the toys are misused. Instructions should also clearly indicate the steps for proper maintenance and examination of the toys.

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Though certainly entertaining and even beneficial to the development of a child, the purchase and use of electric toys should be approached with caution, as they can present hazardous situations. With proper precautions, children can safely enjoy the use of these toys.


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