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Safe Driving in Every Season

Road and traffic conditions vary from one season to another, and drivers have to know how to take different measures to maintain safety throughout the year. Drivers who are well-prepared to deal with the different demands of driving during different seasons will be able to reduce the risk of road accidents as well as mechanical failures.


Driving during winter time is the most difficult and dangerous, because it is more difficult to control vehicles on slippery roads. Drivers have to perform gentle maneuvers when they are driving during winter, and they should not speed. If they wish to stop or slow down their vehicles, they have to start applying brakes earlier, and the braking should not be too abrupt.

Another winter driving problem is visibility. If visibility is poor because of the snow, drivers should use their headlights or fog lights. Also, glare from the low sun can make it difficult for people to see the road clearly. Proper cleaning of both the inside and outside of the windshield will improve vision significantly. If the windows are covered with snow, drivers should remove all snow and ice on the windows, instead of clearing just a small hole on the windshield.

Drivers have to make sure that their car batteries are fully-charged when winter comes around. They may have trouble starting their cars if their batteries are weak. Lights, windshield wipers, and heaters should only be switched on when necessary. Also, fill the cooling system with a mixture of antifreeze and water to prevent engine damage.


After months of careful winter driving, many motorists tend to let their guard down during spring time. Nonetheless, spring has its own driving hazards as well, one of which is rain. Wet roads can be just as dangerous as icy roads, because a layer of water on the road can cause tires to lose contact with the surface of the road. When this happens, drivers will lose control of their vehicles, and they may cause accidents. Rain can also reduce visibility, and drivers have to make sure that their lights and wipers are working properly. Additionally, flooding can occur during spring, and it can cause serious damage to engines.

Spring time is also vacation time, and towns and cities around the country will have more out-of-state vehicles. Drivers should be extra careful when they are tailing cars from other states, because tourists do not know their way around, and they have the tendency to make sudden stops or turns.

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Although driving is comparatively safer during summer, it can be uncomfortable and tiring. Many people experience fatigue when they are driving long distances, and some of them lose their concentration and get involved in accidents. Drivers who are going on long road trips should take a 20 minutes break once every two hours.

Due to high summer temperatures, there is a higher chance that overheating will occur. Car owners should top up the coolant in their cars and check their coolant hoses and cooling fans. Also, heat can aggravate existing damage on tires and cause blow-outs and punctures. Check tires and fix any existing damage, and make sure that they are properly inflated.

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Visibility can be bad during fall because of glare from the low sun. Drivers should clean their windshield properly and remove smears to improve visibility. Also, they should be aware that drivers in front and behind them can also be dazzled, and they have to try to keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Since nights are darker during autumn, motorists should make sure that all their lights are working fine. Roads that are covered with wet leaves can be slippery, and drivers should not be driving too fast.

Additional Resources

Other than following seasonal driving tips, drivers should also know the basic safety rules for driving. It is important for drivers to know what is happening around them when they are driving. They should not place themselves in such a position that they cannot escape when an accident happens. Always make sure that there is enough room in front or on either side. When passing another vehicle, they should make the pass as soon as they can, instead of lingering next to the vehicle. Turn signals should always be used when turning, and speed limits have to be observed. 

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