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Jaguar S Type Replacement Radiator Fan Information

For rugged service and solid value from a car, drivers can trust Jaguar. To preserve the luxury and comfort you chose with your Jaguar S Type, it's crucial to buy only the best names in high-performance auto parts. Jaguar is a trusted manufacturer of reliable and inventive vehicles that also offer aggressive detailing and sporty looks on the road. Jaguar very consistently comes through, with great automobiles that meld impressive economy along with the pleasures of zippy performance. For speedy acceleration and easy handling consumers trust vehicles engineered by Jaguar. Whether you race competitively or just appreciate driving a performance vehicle, premium quality aftermarket and OEM parts are crucial. Your Jaguar S Type Radiator Fan can be found directly in front of your vehicle's radiator and forces fresher external air across the radiator fins. The Jaguar S Type Radiator Fan draws cold air into the radiator to speed up the cooling process. The Jaguar S Type Radiator Fan is driven by belts and is made from either metal or plastic and is generally protected by a fan shroud. A breakdown can be worrisome, but a company like is here to help.

Jaguar S Type Radiator Fan They are available for the following Jaguar S Type years: 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02. This part is also sometimes called Jaguar S Type Cooling System. We stock radiator fan parts for most Jaguar models including X Type, XF, XJ, XJ6, XJ8, Vanden Plas, XJS, XJR, XKR, XK, XFR and XJ12.

We stock these Radiator Fan brands for the Jaguar S Type: Flex-A-Lite and Genuine.

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Research on Radiator Fan for Jaguar S Type

The radiator fan maximizes the efficiency of your car's cooling system. It provides a flow of air through the radiator core, so heat from engine coolant can be removed. A failed radiator fan or one that is malfunctioning won't provide the cooling needed, and the engine will overheat. The fan must rotate at a precise speed to be effective. Any deficiencies in performance will adversely affect the cooling system. Fan replacement will prevent the engine from overheating and breaking down, which can possibly cause more serious and more expensive problems.

Reasons for a Jaguar S Type Cooling Fan Not Working

A common reason is failure of the fan motor. This device is quite durable, but a bad battery, voltage spike, or short circuit can damage it. Before replacing the motor, a mechanic must find the cause for its failure. There can be broken fan blades and corroded wiring as well. Wires exposed to heat, moisture, and vibration under the hood become damaged over time; the insulation can wear out and cause short circuits. A faulty switch may be the reason the fan isn't working, since it won't turn on when needed most, particularly if the vehicle is moving slowly or in traffic. Other reasons for a radiator fan to stop working include faulty relays, which supply the power to the unit, or damaged resistors. A thermostat problem can affect the fan too.

What Does a Radiator Cooling Fan Do?

Placed in front or in back of the radiator, the fan supplies a constant flow of air over the radiator tubes. This allows the coolant to lose its heat. A fan housing maximizes the surface area which air reaches, allowing the fan and radiator to work efficiently to keep the engine from overheating. Its operation is managed via the Jaguar S Type fan control module.

What Is a Cooling Fan Relay?

The relay is an essential part of the electric cooling fan circuit. It's common for a relay to fail. It must be tested whenever the radiator fan isn't working. Problems with the power supply and ground connections of a relay can cause it to fail as well.

Radiator Fan Replacement Costs

A 2003 Jaguar S Type cooling fan relay may cost you just a few bucks. A radiator fan is a different story. If you have a 2003 vehicle, and a 3.0L V6 engine, expect to pay $994 to $1,179 for a new fan. It might cost as much as $1,216 for a radiator fan if you have a 4.2L V8 engine, and up to $1,252 if you have the supercharged version of this engine. Noisy fans and those not working the way they should must be replaced immediately. Even if the issue is slight, the chances of failure increase the longer you wait. A 2002 Jaguar S Type radiator fan can be purchased for less money at If cost is an issue, the prices of auto parts in our online catalog are more affordable. We can reduce prices so much because our overhead is so low. Don't resort to spending a fortune on auto parts from brick and mortar stores. Our alternative gives you the chance to restore your ride and have cash left over.

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Reviewer: Don

Needed a fan package and module for a Jaguar s type, parts geek had both together for less than half of what I could find it for locally, was delivered in 3 days with free shipping. Perfect fit OE fan package with module and wiring.

2001 Jaguar S Type Auxiliary Fan Assembly

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The Auxiliary fans works great, the product however, took 5-7 days to arrive, I wish you could expedite shipping.

2000 Jaguar S Type Auxiliary Fan Assembly

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Reviewer: Derecke Turner

The part was an exact fit for the car. It cost a fraction of what the dealer and others wanted to charge.

2004 Jaguar S Type Auxiliary Fan Assembly